Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary, United States discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


But now thanks to the paradise papers reporting we've learned that wilbur ross's financial ties to russian oligarchs aren't only through sipri it banks and they're not only things in his past wilbur ross was actually praised by some ethics watchdogs when he announced that he would be divesting himself from dozens of business partnerships and investments so as to avoid conflicts of interest in his new role as commerce secretary since nn though it's emerge that wilbur ross maintained billion literally billions of dollars in assets that he never disclosed to anybody when he was being confirmed for commerce secretary and it's now been disclosed that among the holdings he chose to retain even as he dropped all the other ones among the holdings he chose to retain when he joined the cabinet was a significant interest in a firm called navigator and the way navigator makes money is because it has exclusive business deals with russian oligarch linked to vladimir putin who was one of the first russian businessmen to be sanctioned by the us after russia invaded ukraine also another russian oligarch linked to putin who runs russia's largest private natural gas company which has also been sanctioned by the us because of its links to putin and putin's invasion of ukraine and the other notable shareholder in that firm that that that right this second as we speak continues to enrich our serving secretary of commerce the other notable shareholder in that firm is this handsome fellow his name is curiel shalvalov his vladimir putin's soninlaw.

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