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Is the pizza in Houston and I'm not talking about fast food pizza I'm tall yeah yeah locals so I really haven't had local I will what's wrong with you I'm not a huge pizza guy will would you can start with that you're very believe the ninety first Hey you know I don't know like I like why haven't had it delivered a lot you know but like that's a big part of it but also I I like your Danos which you Chicago style deep dish pizza if I'm in Chicago they have located in Vegas I wanted to go there I I like that when I was in New York with aspen we have some of your place is in fact actually I take that but when I was in Vegas I had a slice of New York piece that New York New York hotel like so I've I've had a recently but I'm not going to spend you know twenty Bucks get pizza delivered to my house okay from ice to deliver for dominance in college at Gettysburg Pennsylvania during this site out of all the delivery once I do you think you tough best all right well that that's fine I mean what we're splitting hairs with fast food pizza but it was an experience delivering pizza I'll say that did you ever have a goose stuck in the grill of your call no I did not I never had a goose stuck in the grill of my car I think the craziest thing that ever happened to me was because remember I was doing this in the summer to kind of pay for my fifth I had an extra semester my grades and everything so you know nobody was helping me out or anything it was kind of just like you screwed up you gotta get yeah you're like you're like college a lot that's all trust me so the craziest thing was I delivered to the middle of the battle fields to these two women who were in the middle of a huge reenactment I was like a battlefield right so for the re enactment of the civil war and you know with the high water mark in the making up to Gettysburg the south and I remember it was like daisy it was like I brought a dead body and instead you kill.

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