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Julia alexander from polygon in natalie jarvi from the hollywood reporter and we basically talked the whole hour about what like the disney fox merger would mean for streaming and i'm really happy without that turned out so people like us talking about this they should check out that episode and i'm hoping to have them on again to talk about in the future because i think it's very interesting topic whatever we call it here so david let minimum net flex the show is called my next guest needs no introduction there was a couple of resume went to bring us up one is that i know that you love david let him do the other is the fact that this is really interesting from the way that this show is going to be distributed its monthly yeah one episode a time which is very strange for net flux yeah lay they made this announcement that they were doing a deal with letterman to do these specials and the way they described it as that the that he was going to do a series of specials and it the way it was going to drop was not described and i kind of figured that they might do a you know here are three episodes or hero 6 episodes come thing because it's very nath legs but they're doing is that there is a precedent for this they're doing what they did with chelsea handlers talk show which drop it was a you know they're they're foray into like we're going to do a talk show and they dropped those or kind of a talk show sort of but they drop those regularly not.

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