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This. Is why people hate journalism this is why people don't trust the media garbage. Like this with Andy Harris there's plenty. Of criticism for congressman, Harris if you're a liberal there's, honest criticism to be. Made but they manufacture. It they make it up they play along with Democrats how. Much do you wanna bet the. Second this Email was sent a second Email was sent to the Baltimore Sun, in the capital gazette, saying we've, sent this letter the Democrats and they Maryland congressional delegation have sent this letter to the president of the. United States requesting this happen all Democrats signed on congressman Harris did not. Sign on off the record congressman Harris did not sign onto this how much you wanna bet that happened because. I know that that happens I. Know how this stuff works I've both received those emails and when I was a press secretary, in the United States Senate, I sent the Those emails. Yes I'm speaking from experience you let everybody know what's going on that's. How and you just do it as kind of hey this is happening you don't even have to come right. Out and say the Republican didn't. Sign onto this letter you can worded in such a way that all the Democrats have signed, on to this And the reporters no Which reporters are on your team in which reporters are not on your? Team It's not an accident none of this is by accident It's a bunch of like minded people and this. Is the world that. We live in, journalism is, dead it's not really dead it's been murdered. Quite frankly was suicide. To be perfectly honest with you I love the On this day in history thing that. Plays every day there's one thing missing from this day, in history though and I want to. Add to it Today is the anniversary of Mary Jo Kopechne he's. Body being found, off of Chappaquiddick island Ted Kennedy the woman he drove into the if you haven't. Seen the movie, Chappaquiddick is now available on van it's available on I tunes the wife and. I watched the about a week and a half ago, it's very good and you come away It's, just disgusting, the priorities of people and if you watch the extras you discover you know how much they research. They did in the facts behind it and how accurate the movie is but yes on this day. In one thousand nine hundred sixty nine Mary, Jo Kopechne is body in Ted Kennedy's car, was found off Chappaquiddick island didn't, make the on. This day in history thing but it's interesting to know about the Rosetta Stone but this is I think is just as important because Democrats rallied Ted Kennedy's. Defense the Kennedy machine rally to. Ted Kennedy's defense. And the government is. Still infested sadly with Kennedy's have, you ever, remarking about this the other day on the podcast that I do you notice how every Kennedy person that's. Even ten Kennedy cousins and everything I'll have Kennedy in their name Bob Kennedy Johnson otherwise you just Bob, Johnson but for some. Reason he's called Bob Kennedy Johnson Kathleen. Kennedy Townsend Kathleen she wasn't, going to let go of, that Kennedy and now there's Joe Kennedy the third sitting in congress I believe from Rhode Island I'm sure he's absolutely earned that congressional seat and, in no way was milking. Off the fact that he's Joe Kennedy the. Third But lest you forget, and do not forget. First of all John f. Kennedy could not. Get the, nomination for the Democratic Party today, he couldn't even get a speaking slot forget, prime time during the day at the democratic convention because he instituted tax cuts he, was pro military in a rabid. Anticommunist now Democrats are running. Communists we'll get to that. In, a, bit too but yeah they're running. Con communists for office but. Just remember, now, the, reason Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy survived because the machine. Got together and speaking of. The Andy Harris situation the, media was on their side, these reporters were spun willingly no reporter is just spun they're they're they're in on it most occasionally I suppose it. Could happen But most of the time..

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