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This is our last chance before Christmas in the end of the year to bring relief to families across America in the midst of a public health crisis. Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been trying to come up with the second bipartisan relief package since November. Lawmakers in Washington say the latest proposed $908 billion coronavirus relief bill will not include direct payments to most Americans like it said earlier this year. The legislation wouldn't said provide about $300 in extra weekly unemployment benefits. President Trump's personal attorney says he's feeling good after testing positive for covert 19 76 year old Rudy Giuliani has reportedly been admitted to Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D. C. Giuliani said on Twitter. He's getting great care and recovering quickly. The former New York City mayor has been crisscrossing the country in recent weeks to raise claims of election fraud in battleground states. President Trump Lost debate night in Georgia as the candidates the upcoming Senate runoff election squared off on stage. His nation. National political correspondent Dean Reynolds says details there were two points that stood out tonight. In the debate between Republican Senator Kelly left Lor and Democrat Raphael Warnock. The first was his defense of his past positions. As a preacher. It was a sermon about moral foundation for everything that we do and that when you have everything in order That actually makes you a better soldier and her repeated refusal to say whether President Trump lost the election. President Trump has every right to use every legal recourse available. And Democratic candidate. John also have called incumbent Republican David Perdue, a coward for refusing to participate in their debate on Nazi art dispute heads to the U. S. Supreme Court in a landmark case today, the high court will hear oral arguments on whether heirs of Jewish art dealers can sue in U. S courts to retrieve medieval artworks from Germany. The suit claims the former Nazi government pressure Jewish art dealers to sell during the 19 thirties. Sesame Street will teach kids how to deal with the stresses of the pandemic Elmo. It's.

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