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Second down in four public 22 filadelfia cousin deadly shotguns hip built bathroom that he recited stationary catch on the side one of the 20odd lie made by grant frontdominated flatlined the fifteen and out of the twelve yard line of philadelphia gain of 10 first down for the redskins your trail thirty four seventeen yard noel grant was trying to do is trying to split the defenders but he's got to get out of bounds earned stop the clock forever drive before easy shotgun twelve yard line of philadelphia first into in washington shotgun snap goes to cousins wine drive drunk leaping to get to the in typing into the internal market is free with his second touchdown grabbed i heard birtwell quicken or rather quarterback cousins arab ranks things a little interesting here with 317 two point in in the fourth the redskins this icing their way right through the defense philly given pretty similar to the last such dow passed that read card from cut cousins up little slant this thomas from the right side as opposed the left side instead of five eagles around they're always three eagles around but he still nonetheless courage makes the catch it easy touchdown now 3423 pendant the the pat right here by the redskins one thing i will say about kirk cousins is that what they what there is absolutely no quit in this quarter back for the redskins coach touchdown pass my cousin zetra born here by washington do a writer's good so we avenue store it's thirty 424 with 317 to go in plenty of time and the redskins jeb all three of their timeouts so a boomer science in the former nfl mvp here in the granger broadcast group in philadelphia this is discovered harlan products and services you need one unita braziers got your back yelp keep your facility running great europe.

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