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Are. So we stay sick. We stay silent the shame mounts, and then we don't have the motivation to actually so. Do you recall? Your dad calling you loser. Your mom of using those words just out of frustration. There was some doctors with mom specifically probably dad not so much because he really got it differently than my mom did. But she looked at. It was just like I mean, look at it from her perspective she had struggled with him as a drug addict. And now like me here making explain your background solicits understand. Go ahead. Explain your education. Explain everything Shaw. So so I have a master's degree in clinical, mental health counseling, and the concentration of that program was in forensic in correctional counseling. The motivation for that was because here I live with this guy that's been in and out of jail on paper. Looks really scary. You know, my peers in my cohort when we do personality assessments and all sorts of other mental health related tasks, we get his results were horrified. Right. Okay. What I know the person I know the person so that motivated me to want to get into a program where I was developing the skills to help guys like him. Okay. Good. Now, we we all understand. So making is coming from and learning and moving forward with a lot of knowledge on drug addiction, right? And now, I'm in a clinical psychology doctoral programs. Okay. So here's your drug addict loser. Okay. And getting her masters or has got a massive already has a mouse to soak goes to show, you guys if you're listening that things do turn around, and there are real people in these bodies that are suffering. That's right. And some find their way out in some never find their way. So let's try look at Bobby. We kick it out here. We can help the fifty forty fifty sixty year olds they start helping themselves. My question is what is the average age of somebody that starts to touch upon drugs? Whether it's pot or whether it's straight for the gusto alcohol, what's the average age, which you say because I hear it says youngest. Eleven twelve. We hear eleven often often with the podcast alcohol. Yeah. Somewhere self medicate you in our say the theme consistently. And this was a big part of my story to was not being comfortable in your own skin being socially, anxious, not knowing how to fit in a social environment. You try that drug that drink one time. And all of a sudden, there's a relief peer pressure is a big thing. What she's saying is they don't have social. Yeah. But she's too. That's a that's a fear of peer pressure. The fact that if you're the one person not doing it, you feel left out. You don't you're not included. You're right. You then feel social not using drugs. Right. But that was my question was why did they start so young making said because a lot of being socially inept, right? And then they can come out of their skin because they had a beer they smoked a joint back in my days point, usually happens because a peer pressure. Yeah. You've been saying to me my whole life. Don't be a follower. Don't be a follower. I'm the opposite of complete follower. Always have been. She just always kept telling me that. And I was like all my friends can drink and do drugs. I don't care and she didn't. And that's really the truth. Like, she really did. And I was on my kids at a young age guys. If you'll never know if you like something, you know, if you never try you'll never know didn't drink and stuff like that. But I mean if I was choosing to drive that night. I was sober one. Everyone else was didn't bother me. But I have a lot of friends that say they would be the one that wanted to drink and they'd still drive. Okay. So my next.

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