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Mostly clear eighty one degrees in Saint, Petersburg seventy, eight in, palm, harbor, and, eighty at your. Severe weather station NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a next update at six fifteen on Chris Drake, man and now for your informational Casca players Jack Harris Aaron Jacobson Jeff kurkin doll and Katie Buccino you're listening, to AM Tampa Bay And. Good morning it is Thursday and we are all on board here this morning and we've already taken a bunch of incredible topics here this morning especially this modem group in New Mexico or guy or guys. Who's training kids to be school shooters that's just incredible and we'll talk more about it as the morning goes along but we. Got some local things going on we, got a big vote coming up in November on whether or not we're going to fund transportation in the bay area or in Hillsborough county. Particularly and the red tide is making its presence felt in Saint Petersburg now or Saint Pete beach, long. The final speeches it's six ten first, thing we, wanna do, is, clear up, the commuter tied. Here out on the highways with A tree traffic center powered by climate designed. State with sixty remains close with railroad crossing repairs in eastern Hillsborough, county east Clarence Gordon junior road for up to speed on our interstates expressways breaches remember the rapid. Southbound seventy five. Northbound i. seventy-five and manatee is closed with long-term construction this, traffic brought by SIMS crane and equipment SIMS. Crane Florida's premier crane safety everything experts offering cutting edge technology for on time crane operation small and large always available visit SIMS crane dot com, slash NewsRadio night seventy WFL see traffic problems call the.

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