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This is eighty I'm now looking at like, I just looked up. I typed into Google hipster baby girl. These totally dog named plummeted time. Oh my gosh. I can totally see clementine those guesses. I know that she was like she didn't want to know. And she was our Instagram looking for gender neutral. One of those. Maybe it'd be like a gender neutral name like. Sage or math. That's pretty. Well, sage was actually RS has a baby boy named sage I'm like, well, I can see him girls. Girl's name. Yeah. So I didn't know we had a we are has a kid to river. Yeah. That's all. I could see. All right. So she could name Ari. And I was like, oh, maybe it can be like, Andy. Oh like Romney. Yeah. Something like Jessica Simpson has a daughter named Maxwell could see something like that. Or Charlie Charlie. That's an knifer. Yeah. This gender neutral thing. I feel like it's probably going to be that. So all right. Any other guesses? None. Congrats to the mama. Yes. Very exciting. Choose so cute out her pregnancy. Follow. Yeah. She looked really good. I refused to let anyone take pictures of his I feel beached whale. So even though I have not gained that much because I was throwing up the first like month. So. It's not. Sound fun at all. It's calmed down. Now a little bit. And I definitely just I'm not interested in like people like touching by stomach or, you know, just like posing casually with like my hand in the thanks. Yeah. It's a strain on my style. You weren't meant to be a cargo influencer. Unfortunately, not. Could have made some money. But no. And speaking of Prego influencers sort of mentioned briefly, but just Jade Jade and Tanner are putting Jay in front of all my words. Now Janner is having the as well because I forgot what they're they're Instagram or they're like couple. Yes. Now, they are like influencers of the baby variety assure totally sort of cave the way they've sort of roped Carleen Evan into that. And then now, actually I and Jared are like already doing it. Yeah. But they're not like I mean there nightmare yet. They're still like the engaged couple. But like, they she just started using that what's that bracelet called that actually? Where you like track your fertility? And like there's only post of like Ashley being like, we're not there yet. But Jade does it. So it's like Thai. Yeah. I can tell like even use it at any point. You don't just have to trying to have just you know. It's like funny like she's wearing it. And Jared is like oh shocked face. Yeah. No. I can always already predict like a year down the road. They'll be the next June Tanner are really cute family. So I'm I feel like they're whatever they have will be just another cue little edition. Yes. So they're Amy girls named Emerson. So how do you feel about that? Yeah. How'd you feel about that as a baby name? Name isn't it? I thought so too gender neutral. I guess I guess it is. Yeah. I mean, I I mean, call her EMMY, that's like all I've ever heard. So yeah. Yeah. That's pretty cute. Yeah. So we don't know what they're having yet still early, and they just announced it so something to watch. I'm sure they'll do like a gender revealed do a gender reveal. No, I my so excited to do like the announcement and has during the point where I was like bed ridden unable to get up and unable to mood like just totally like out of it had no personality at all. And I just it was not anything that I was interested and even thinking about so it's like, you do it everyone you announce it. However, you want nuts. And then we found out the baby after he announced it the the sex after we announced it. So I wasn't really interested in like a big thing during Apollo sister was his sister was like incense. She really was like I wanted to do it. And I was like well when you have a child, so right? Exactly. And I don't think they had announced this new story about gender Revilla's on is at that point. So I mean all to do right? Look, they look really gross. But. I don't know if lasagna's maybe like top of the list of like pregnancy cravings..

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