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I started to really pay attention to non-scoring. Plays. And I can't stop watching this co y one handed rebound from the game, and he'd linked to it. And if you remember it, it's you know, it's like it's like it's not it's it's a cool looking play because quiet because of his giant pause grabs the ball out of the air. And then goes the other way, and that's the place talking about. But it got him thinking got Muhammed thinking about just how amazing NBA players are. He took a normal basketball act, a rebound after Michele, and he made a look incredible. So my question is what other normal basketball things are made incredible. When performed by NBA athletes, the tough question, do you have anything to add to that what we have tons of games of basketball? But every time we go to a game in person. And if you get some of the good seats that we get sometimes it's still amazed me just how much sources on every that that is out there like the the the bowl like it just fizzes around. I would say just in general the speed of the being close. But when you see you see like a Chris Pohl someone when he does really FIS possibly, oh my God like. He would hurt. Ready? So I think that's something that if you get a chance to experience it go and check that out because it's really cool to see. And the other thing just gotta adding heat through quickly is some players who have very deceptively quick. You don't think quick Mike Conley? He's got very very good likes at a status step. I at crossover. You don't see it on TV because he doesn't look fast and Jeff takes and other one. When when he was here, the hawks we saw him up close a couple of times, man. He's quick. But he doesn't have that reputation as being a super fast plan. I liked that. I liked the passing for sure that's a good one. Yeah. A lot of sauce on that past juice in that. I also think it's amazing that if you watch any NBA player just shooting around practice shots their money like anybody like I remember the first time I ever heard of that was like Grant Long who was not a score in the NBA. But which you like eighty percent just shooting around from three. And it was like this guy. Never takes three. You see Reggie Miller. He's one hundred years old still money from the corner. How good these guys are when the games don't matter. It's impressive. It's insane. I saw Andrew bogut Anson version the finals raining in threes from the corn. I like it is eighty percent of them. I would just like to to one, and it's like, wow. Incredible. Or how people like Dwight Howard man work on your free throws. Why don't you practice free throws? He's like an eighty five percent free throw shooter in practice. That's wild. So when he gets the other line in the game. Yeah. Anything else said, well, the passing that passed that people get into the lane now and fire to the corners or from the top and fire to the corners. If you play pick up basketball, you got to you have to put a lot of juice. Hind that to get it there. Those guys do it like with nothing, but one one handed that that tossed any skip pass is hard to do physical. Yeah. And those guys have it's just sort of part of their repertoire, it's it's like when Matt Bonner was Dunkin on us once upon a time, you take the the guy who's would be ranked the four hundred best PO best player in the NBA. And obviously he's going to school everybody, sit obvious. All right, next, one got three questions here. It's a three parter. Hey, all I love the podcast, you're great yada, yada, yada. And then he wrote skeets make up whatever compliments you one cosigns say what one ad one. You're awesome. Bill. Few questions for you. And you can feel free to answer any or all them whenever you want..

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