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First Match


Step in the ring with you and you're just is got goosebumps are now. You know and again you're right. I think it's the same with any anything any business you're in any entertainment businesses in especially people throw all sorts of shit out you. This is how you make money this. What you do gleaned the good shit and let the other stuff go away. It's okay, but whatever he's got something and not everything and I think that was the beauty of that's what I loved about our stunning, because I continued to do those camps all the way up until I got hired with wwe I was still on. On television on vk, yet, TNA's like small, you know when they first started, it was still intelligent, but I still found like I'm not I was not a professional in the sense of the stardom that I wanted the level of success. The level that I wanted to be making in as a businesswoman from the company that now that I've put my ten thousand hours into. You know what I mean that I wanted to continue to be successful at it so I just feel that you can never. Stop learning even now I still learn you. Still learning so it and if you have like that's just. A A close minded mentality when people think Oh, I'm the best rob so great rat have nothing else to learn from anyone you know I like I still learn from my sister's in the ring when I go out there and have a match with them, if nothing else of how to cultivate a match to bring our two styles together sure. Magic out there and money well, and there's always somebody behind you. If you stop learning if you stop evolving if you stop trying to be better, there's somebody behind you who is going to be better and do it for cheaper, so you better, you better be good, and you better keep evolving. It's always going to be someone more hungry than you absolutely absolutely. You also trained at the W..

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