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About their mission. NBC news, the paratroopers rat thirty five hundred feet at the time of the accident of the three injured to are critical is tough we worship the vest because that's a thirty five hundred feet, and it's not very high for job that was one of those, you know training. I forget what they call. It. A I've seen the seals. Do it. It's when they jump in. And they don't they gotta come in under the radar. Yeah. So they opened up their parachutes below the deck as they would say. And maybe that's what they were doing. And something went wrong. That's horrible. Shane best. You're just with them. Or was it last year? We went up with half the plane was the the Golden Knights guys. And I was with the leapfrogs with the with the navy. All great guys great. The guy was attached literally attached to 'cause you're a piece of luggage that point. Samsonite the navy guy. I said what's your favorite kind of job because we'll night jumps. He goes. It's kind of tough when it's only a thousand feet though. So how do you jump from a thousand feet was my question. He goes, well, you're basically throwing out the shoot before you jump out of the plane because that's how little time you have a couple of seconds. So you know, you ever watch any of those documentaries on the navy seal training, they do that stuff. All the time stuff. Best of the best of it's scary. So I don't know what happened. These guys so horrible. Hope they're going to be okay for sure. Wow. Special guest coming in next with the border deal. It looks as though president's going to sign it border security is coming one way or another. And this lady will have something to say about that the Aspen Nozoe. Yeah, she's the co founder of remembrance families. So it's going to be interesting after yesterday's conversation with Marianne. It would be interesting to see what Maria has to say. And she's also going to be in town in Broward County for an event. So we'll talk to her about that coming in next keep it here. These south.

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