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So we'll see it comes down to the quarterback. And can he consistently make the the the open throws in crunch time? Getaway waddles just getting crushed. He was leaving the higher. He led the pretty much the whole way. And now he or she I don't know what it just finished last. There's only five horses in it finished. He was the horse was in first place coming out of the term or coming into the final stretch. That's why was it. Thirty two one ended up six to one thirteen to one. I'm sorry. All right. So our horse. Bad sponsored by Hawthorne race. Course. It's coming up later in the show after we talked to Todd Furman are gambling expert but back to the bears. I heard Dan Orlovsky who's very good. Very good. He he had this analogy about Mitch for this weekend. He said the hardest thing to do in golf is birdie a hole, and then followed up with another birdie, we call that post birdie blank up. That's what we're doing the game off then. Birdie blank up. So like the the narrative is so good with Trubisky after six touchdowns after a week off with the bears at three and one. Now, we feel like, hey, our last look the bears are a totally complete team with Mitch playing like that. Now, your co correctly stated this I will never expect him to throw six. This is a record that has stood the test of time in bears history last time it was done Johnny Liu Jack in nineteen forty nine. I'm not I don't even believe that four touchdowns is something that we're gonna see quickly follow up. A great game was still really good good game. Or or a good game. You know, just just play. Wow. Play be part of the reason why your team's winning? So that's gonna be an interesting thing to watch the bears is we know the defense should be able to get tannehill. Right everything that they're going through right now. And. And their line. But will the bears be able to put up some points and will Trubisky being reason why listen in the first three games wasn't there? Several receivers open especially in intermediate or deep spots. Yes. What was the common theme there? Mitch was inconsistent and miss them. Yes. So I the one consistent part two all four games has been there have been guys open based on them being more talented and based on the creative play calling of the the head coach. There are going to be your guest. Then would be a plus peak will see is going to be they're going to be some open. Receivers Ken Mitch consistently hit them more than he misses them that ultimately may be the determining factor in two thousand eighteen who they're going to be wanna play some Vic Fangio he's they're great defensive coordinator. And of course, after two weeks of reading the headlines about how good you are Fangio talked about not getting too high after three wins in a row. Were.

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