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Now. You'll get your first refill free. That's your first refill at get quick dot com slash buddies spelled. G. E. T. Q. U. IP dot com slash buddies quip. The Good Habits Company mid some are or is it midsummer and is just spelled that way midsummer midsummer mid some. Are we there yet? Starring ice cube say longer Aaron Lennox. Welcome thank you so much for doing this. Show organically the female. Aaron land fanatic the lady one Aaron Goldberg Airing Lennox Aaron. Thank you so much for coming on the show having me talking about it regularly ever since we started the show and somehow are just now having you on you know. I'm shocked that it's taking this long weird. You only guess where who actually has something to say. We decided to really just you saved. It can be best to do it when the podcast was basically over. Yeah how's your Aaron is. We were both good friends with Aaron and every single time I've spoken to Aaron in the past two years at some point. She's been like yeah. You know the person I was closest to her own life. But you know no big deal. Don't have me on your podcast. What would I add another fucking Bitch Woman's perspective? This is why women don't have jobs. The male podcasting won't allow long been saying in the streets of Los Angeles every day. But we're so happy yelling. Thanks for being here. Yeah it's good to see you thank you. It's great to see you. I consider you my one of my best friends who I never ever see. That's exactly everyone all the time I ate it too often. Okay now how do you feel about Aristotle tending?.

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