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The London has however dropped down to six Tottenham sit just five points off the top two off the last of three one at Wembley wolves play Newcastle tonight holders Celtic as their way into this evening. Scottish Cup quarter-final draw. They thrashed in Johnston five fifth round sit on top of the early rugby union six nations table that's after recording. Another impressive win. They followed up opening victory away to champions island with a forty four eight thrashing of France at Twickenham fastball. Among would has helped put England Donen position in the third and final test of that crooked series with the West Indies took a maiden five-wicket haul to Boba hosts out for one hundred and fifty four and Saint Lucia Jerry site will start day three on nineteen without loss in their second innings this afternoon. One hundred. Forty two runs ahead. Let's go to Pete FOX now for the US sports on the ice in Boston TD garden. Brad Marchand netting. His twenty first in overtime to give the Bruins a two one win over the avalanche. Joe Hansen with a pair that gives them ten helping the devils week by the hurricanes in New Jersey, three two and Brooklyn the islanders a two one win over the wild. And in New York, wrapping up a busy night on the ice and the tri-state area. Rangers beat the Leafs four one at MSG Georgia fifty-five saves from the night on the hardwood. Sixers thumped the Lakers in Philly one forty three one twenty and Oakland at oracle warriors have won four in a row after beating the heat by a pair one twenty one eighteen Kevin Durant. Posting thirty nine. I'm Pete FOX. That's your Bloomberg NBC sports update. Thanks very much debate. Nick nelson. Head of European equity strategy EVS joins us next great breadth to the rally racing and Europeans. Don't markets this morning. What's behind that? We'll talk to him. This is Lin back. When you went car shopping, humid.

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