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Vaguely. Oh, sad. News in the world of sports karma. I haven't heard this reported on any of your cast. I'm a little disappointed legendary WWE interviewer mean, gene Oakland has died at the age of seventy six Oakland. Join WWE in one thousand nine hundred four after spending nearly fifteen years in the Awa he remained with WWE from nine eighty four to nineteen Ninety-three and then worked for WCW from ninety three to two thousand one he became the most notable interviewer in professional wrestling history. He had a remarkable chemistry with hulk HOGAN who started each interview with Oakland by uttering, the famous phrase, let me tell you something mean Jean. Said it like that too. So mean, Jean was president through the rise of hulkamania and WWE pay tribute to by many current and former wrestlers on social media today. And if you don't know what mean Jean Oakland sounded like where have you been at all academy, buddy? Gino TV twenties. All star wrestling all the air. Listen to this, ladies and gentlemen, biggest professional athlete and the unpire world by guests at this time his name Andre the giant from Grenoble, France, exactly. How tall are you? Andre how much do you away? Ninety seven pounds four hundred Bigfoot series sometime back what was the name of that series? The six hundred. I was the guy Bigfoot on there. Very good. Andre the giant the gentle giant until you get in the ring that it's a completely different. There's be Gede. And that means we're done..

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