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Week's episode. I already brought it up and try to spoil it. Exactly. I. Was wondering why he cut me off and like yeah. Usually WanNa talk about this. All right. Well. I love the. It's SCI FI or I know I've seen it I. Don't remember any of it. Oh, good. I know they made a sequel I. don't remember ever seeing. yes. So it's got Michael. Laurie? It's confusing because he looks a lot like. The sheriff of in twin peaks okay. Some, constantly getting him confused with that guy because he's in the hidden with Comma Gawk you know yes I gotcha. Yeah. So Michael Laurie who's in flashdance Suzanne? How he's got a lot of credits a hundred and thirty two credits. Yeah. He's a lot of TV course. So Susan Daytime TV. Young and the restless he's was returning character for that inner sanctum. To I I brought that up is that just like? With restless. No escape not turn no I thought that was something else. That's Maxwell caught old. And also. I am so sorry got off. I'm GonNa slap myself that hold on. Lease. That's all we need that. soundboard. That we're going to get He was the nineteen nineties, Captain America movie. The. Albert Pune movie we talked about this before. Right, right. Right. 'cause I really kind of thought you were going to Hawk the slayer this week. And not this week that really is a need to have Trent or neuro. At episode because they know way more about love. I finally got to see it and I was like guys. Anyway, Michael Lorries in it we'll. We'll talk about next. While you Christian Comic Laughlin. I'm what do we know? Claudia Christian from what was she famous for? Shit she has a hundred and forty three credits now. How do we not know her from does a lot of voice a lot of video games? Yeah. I see that too. But I don't I haven't watched like any of these for. Snow it says she's in a red. Oh. That's not even right move wrong one. She is familiar. And Babylon. Five. Oh you know what? She's highlander I think she's the. Oh. Man She was almost a lot of people she was in webster she was a nurse and webster that's how air and That's where we love her. Or is it quantum leap? I swear I've I've not seen three or four of her movies tops. otj Booker Anyway Anyway riptide. She is in the movie last talking about this, not a whole lot of faces in here that I recognized from the hidden a, you don't recognize Eddo Ross. Out. That meathead Oh, my job. He is. He's the one that that Joshua Burns's arms. Yeah. You guys are crazy and He's As the coolest bucking Gary Busey seem industries in Burns on the And lethal weapon. Lynch's clue our audience end because we know or talking about we know don't worry about it, and even if we do get it, you'll never know. Unless you look it up don't look. Yes. Just take our word that we were what we were just. Looking through IMDB and making a positive We do. Right, that's our show at the show basic. Lynch. She's like the third from the bottom and lethal weapon. Okay So read off the hidden read it for our audience here. Let's see. Very Short Synopsis here. law-abiding people suddenly become violent criminals, a COP and an FBI agent race for answers in the Cypriot that basically tells you nothing nothing not literally nothing. Okay. So now tell our audience what it's really about. What is really about is an alien that looks like a giant like dragonfly crawls into people. As to you know out of the crawl in through a you know what? Unclear. I don't really remember off the top of my head I would say through there but. We ever see them and. That's what I assume. So I don't want to give away too much about like the scenes for the The thing that the alien is going in or coming out are really gross. Don't worry if you're thinking that this isn't going to be gross in of going in and coming out that's That's the tagline for the. Going in common out covered in a viscous fluid. The hit the hit. The Ass Oh the alien you know it's not been on like world domination or anything all it wants is to eat. Listen to loud music drive fast cars and go to strip clubs. At least that's what I remember from the seen it many years and came because the alien gets off on it and just wants to be a teenager. Unclear unclear. But I'm the save. It follows a very specific. Sci Fi. Alien trope that I will we will talk about next week but it happens a lot. We've already seen it in a couple of our. Couple of the movies we talk. This. GonNa leave it out there. Just GonNa. Yes. Chat line out there and see who takes the bait. Yet. That yeah this was on Silica was on cable, but I also rented it a lot back in the day. Visits just fine. It's like a it's also an action movie a of the lake kind of set pieces are. Cars blowing up and my crashing through windows. Stains blowing up in general Mariah. I swear I. I probably even saw this the theater I don't remember any of it. Good. I was just looking at the trailer and I don't remember any of Oh. So I did come back on stuff like that It looks like you can find the hidden. On just about every platform from two dollars ninety nine cents. So not a free when this week Spend. A couple of bucks aura or we're not. And just let. Let that's right..

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