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So Gary, do you have any news or any updates about molar and we're still trying to figure out why he wants to be behind closed doors? But maybe Marquette's I guess my guess would be anytime you do this. There's grand jury material involved. And there's also current investigations going on when I was talking about that he referred out a number of investigations they're still prosecutions going on. There's investigations going on. And there's grand jury material. They cannot talk about that. If you're. Involved in that under a specific rules. So that would be my guess that it would look like he was invoking it, it'd be like, a Jack in the boxes pry, if I add to guests, and I, I'm not in the weeds on it, but that would be my guess, is that they talk about rule, sixty his complaint statement, rather, to the to the matter is that he doesn't wanna participate in anything that might be regarded as a political spectacle views himself, as apolitical, and he believes that in a public hearing that the Republicans are going to bring in political theater, and he doesn't want to participate in that. Oh, the Republicans publica Philip that I like the Democrats wanted to have questions. I'm sorry. I misspoke that. I think there's a fear that both sides. Oh, yeah. Well, both sides are going to do it. Yeah. Share they, but you can't ever have a congressional hearing on a hot topic that doesn't have political theater. I mean that's the go back to the bar, the bar hearings, and our complain about the illustrious Senator from Hawaii. You know, it was like there, wasn't even a question. It was just a diatribe, maisy her own. Oh, with I think our names, mazy Horon. She I have a theory about how when you put too much hair dye in poisons your brain. Grey-haired Maisey, Huron us at the top of my list, like she's using too much Chichan formula. I don't know if there's a female version of three and formula, but I. You know, it's weird guys like guys, I agree with. And then guys I disagree with in Dal's. I agree with and gals. I disagree with. But maisy Geraldo seems like an insane person like I'm not a. I'm not a big Lisbeth Warren fan but she seems bright and intelligent. And can string a sentence together. Maisy. We're gonna seems like an insane. She sounds like Hewlett Orson, if you took her questioning and put it next to Khumalo's questioning Ryan for whatever you think about Kamala, she was. She's a real trial, lawyers real question. She was getting information it was a pleasure to watch. The other thing was just like I wanted to come out of my skin. I don't I think when you're dumb, you don't know you're dumb, and you don't realize how you come across too. Intelligent people. Right. So then there's I'll give you the other guy that I just can't figure out his Lindsey Graham, I don't understand Lindsey Graham. I mean I we John McCain was alive, and they were, you know, the, the will and grace of the Senate. He was one guy. And I watch that keep playing hid during, and I remember in vividly during the impeachment hearings, everything he was saying, then it was like that was then this is now. And it's a complete it's like the guy say the political equivalent of sydell. You guys can guide. There's no way you can. This is not a guy. This is not a dumb guy. We'll see Graham is an accomplished. Lawyer was a Jag. Lawyer is smart has talent knows how to ask questions those across examine. And so I it's just astonishing to me what, what does happen. Well, a couple of questions moving to another subject. I'm curious Gary in this making, I don't know it just popped in my head. The kid that got caught up in the whole situation on the steps of the of the capital, and blocking them, native American gentlemen. And now suing CNN and suing the Washington Post and blah, blah, blah. I have not heard anything about that case, if we're talking about settling or what the deal is. I think that was, that's Lynn woods case, we talked about that, keep talking, Gary and it's my fault..

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