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What if you want to hear the latest episode of free talk live but all you have is your phone. You forgot to download our archive and you have no data connection. You can call our listen line at six. Four one seven nine. Three zero one ninety-one that's a long distance number so you may incur charges if not listen as long as you want six four one seven nine three zero one ninety one. The free talk live. Listen line six four one nine three zero one nine one. Are you a cryptocurrency advocate. The crypto tip is the ideal outreach tool to help new people. Discover crypto currency. It's a printable business-card-sized tip that you can give to service providers preferably in addition to a good cash tip when the server scans the qr code. It'll bring up an explanation of crypto currency how to install a wallet and allow them to claim the tip. If they don't claim the crypto. You get your tip refunded to you. After a time period you specify plus if they do claim the tip you get an email alert create as many tips. You want at crypto tip dot org. That's crypto tip dot org. You're tuned to the newest episode of freetalklive presented by seiko. Ci visit us online at freetalklive.

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