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It is the question will immediately come to their aid if there are any kind hit by a strike limited surgical uh your date have bad third a cream obligation i hear it every once in a while but airport that the question it if we attack in any way mud korea will it be a defacto warwick china david artless up to now we've got to build david ignatius great question uh if i think one purpose of trump's efforts to have a very friendly relationship with the president xi jinping is to prevent precisely that linkage to in effect take china out of the picture as a an immediate uh uh supporter of of of north korea uh the chinese are preparing for trump's visit which will the again in in hours yes i with enormous attention they want this to be ah it off festival of chineseamerican cooperation they think that trump is essentially ready to to validate she is a partner in dealing with the world's problems starting with north korea the chinese has sent signals in various ways statements in the official press statements by chinese government officials uh that uh there are unhappy with north korea's actions the chinese are said to sent emissaries in private through uh last year and early this year warning the north koreans do not make additional nuclear test do not test more missiles uh and so in a sense kim jong on the north korean leader has been rebuffing china as much as the us still i wouldn't the idea of of us troops or us ally south korea on china's border has always been seen as an unacceptable notion from from china side yes but one of the things that sectors said rex tillerson said in what the chinese to refer to as the four knows.

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