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But just down that smock Hubert from Lear Field, I MG college go gators. And how about those Gators a dominant win? A powerful win their number three in the country, and Dan Mullen took over that program and did elevate them to the next level. He did take that Gator's team and make it offensively friendly. He made it an explosive offense and attacked the air. Kyle Trask yesterday was phenomenal. And for that Gator's team that Gator's program It had no longer been of the conversations like they had been with Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow competing for national championships to now be doing that. Competing as the dominant team in the SEC East bulldozing South Carolina yesterday. 38 to 20, for There was no doubt that they were the better team on that day. They now are not only the team to beat in the SEC East. They are perhaps the team to beat in the SEC, and we haven't said that about the SEC East team in a long time outside of Georgia. Has come up recently. But for many, many years, it was the SEC Westie, Alabama's The all burned the L s use pounding the East into submission. Georgia has thankfully change that in recent years, but Florida it's been a long time since we could say that about the Florida Gators, and now you can.

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