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Boston's news radio. 12 13 Back to the roads on this hot Tuesday, the super Rue retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin, What are you looking at right now? Well, we got some troubles out into all burn right now to 90 westbound locked up here approaching the ramps to the Mass pike. We've got another oversize The load here. Truck has just certainly too big to get through that ramp system there. On the ramps to the mass pike here in Auburn. So 2 90 westbound jammed up approaching this situation that has the ramps to the mass pike closed on 2 90 westbound, So those delays are going to build fairly quickly until they could get this oversized load out of the way is backing things up on the ramp to the to 90 stretch off the mass pike eastbound. As well as the mass pike Westbound You've got over two miles back up approaching workers at route 1 22 Here in Millbury up to the North 93 South beyond slow approach and grass cutting crews to the left after 1 29 here in Wilmington and got work crews both directions here on 1 28 at Walnut Street at Linfield backing traffic up in both directions. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes humid were in the nineties already in Boston, heading for a high Today of 99 degrees will have a lot more on the forecast. When will the heat and humidity and we'll try to answer that for you coming up next in 10 minutes.

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