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Irwin who's now. Call general manager, but was executive director for twelve years says there was one main reason for the sale legacy. Irwin says they wanted to partner with Oklahoma City based premier parks to ensure the museum survival for decades premier parts love what we do as far as attractions what we built any sitting Ziam will stay sitting here, but they can come in. With those other ticketing things that we aren't good at Irwin says the museum and premier had been talking for years, but everything finally came together quickly over the past few weeks. Irwin says premier was interested largely because of the city museum concept, and there won't be major changes. Alex Deichmann NewsRadio eleven twenty km awakes, premiers chief marketing officer, Tracy banks, says her company is impressed with the attraction so much. So they may expand the idea into their other properties, we feel like this is a really messy attraction, and we're interested to work with the team there and learn about it and see if it has perhaps application down the road in some other markets terms the. Sale were not disclosed drug related deaths reached new heights in Madison County, Illinois in two thousand eighteen corner. Steve non is out with your a number showing drug deaths. Topping the triple digit Mark for the first time at one hundred nine that's compared to eighty seven the year before noticeably absent from his urine count, according to non are deaths solely due to heroin alone replaced by cocktails of substances. He says Fenton other similar drugs have replaced heroin locally as well as nationwide in other year a numbers for medicine county. Forty-five people took their minds nine murders were reported Brett bloom. Newsradio eleven.

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