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Maybe any other year. Um So representative Democratic representative Emanuel Cleaver was speaking when I think he tried to do the right thing, he he offered a prayer to Congress and at the end of the prayer This may be an example of when when being woke, goes wrong and I'll play the audio for you here and you being somebody who knows a lot about words and what they mean. You tell me how it makes you feel that ever more. We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God. Then and that number many names by many different things, A man That a woman representative elect so I can't really talk too much because I didn't necessarily know what that meant. I have now learned. Amen. Um, translates to so be it s so it is not actually referencing. A man at all. I never in my life thought that Amen was gender related at all. I always thought that Amen just meant like it said, So be it. So it is done. Did that guy think that Amen was less inclusive than a man and a women? It does believe it does seem that way. And you would just think before saying that in such a prominent position that you would maybe Google it or at least just check with somebody else to make sure that wasn't gonna be Maura problem. Because that that is kind of a little tiny microcosm of some of our biggest problems in this country, trying to fix problems or be too PC when it when it doesn't not only doesn't need it. It just doesn't belong right in a case that has made national headlines a teenager posing as a doctor, none other than Dr Love, Malachi Love Robinson is now 23 of Mallika. Malachi Malachi. Love Robinson is now 23 years old is that do we just have this discussion? Yeah, we had a Malik. I call the show Our last show before vacation. Where, and I asked him how many times people call Malachi and he said it happens. Okay. Good. That makes you feel better. Malachi Love Robinson is now 23 years old, but appears he may have been up. Some of his old tricks Love. Robinson was arrested for fraud and grand theft on Thursday morning. He was released on Thursday night, police said. Love. Robinson works for a shipping broker, and he's accused of having clients send money to his personal account. Instead of the company. Authorities say love Robinson took over $10,000 that belonged. The company. According to police and text message to the owner of the company, Love, Robinson wrote. He blanked himself Can't say how truly sorry he is doing everything he can to make it right and he doesn't want to go to jail. 2018 love. Robinson pled guilty to several fraud charges, grand theft and practicing medicine without a license. His patients say. He claimed he had several degrees, including a PhD and an MD. What his patients didn't realize is that he was just 18 years old. Love. Robinson was charged with stealing more than $20,000 from the elderly in Palm Beach County. Um, that was he was treating patients in 2015. He was later charged and arrested on grand theft charges. Love, Robinson insisted he never posed as a medical.

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