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Tweeting out. I do not celebrate or feel pride and are having to ban President Trump from Twitter or how we got here. After a clear warning. We take this action. We made a decision with the best information we had on threats to physical safety, both on and off Twitter. Was this correct question. Mark Tony Katz 93. W i. B. C Good morning. Having to take these actions fragment the public conversation. They divide us. They limit the potential for clarification, redemption and learning and sets. A precedent I feel is dangerous. The power an individual or corporation has over part of the global public conversation with that part is true. It is dangerous, but I only hope that the potential for clarification, redemption and learning Also comes from people like Jack Dorsey. If you mean it only comes from Trump supporters. Well, that's Very much not gonna work. Nor will it work to say that you know of you supported President Trump here. You're just like that. You're just like the clan when you I'm sorry. I'm just like the what Just you would have to be done lemon to say something that crazy. Oh, hey, done. If you are on that side, you need to think about the sides around. I'm never on the side of the clan. I am not principal people conservative or liberal, Never on the clan side. Principal people conservative or liberal, never on the Nazi side. Principal people who are conservative or liberal, never on the side. That treats their their fellow Americans as less than I'll say, huh? I'm gonna dig into this on tiny cats today at noon. You're gonna want to listen to that, Um My on the side of free speech. Yes, I am. And you know, as disgusting as the plan is who hate me? If they're Americans, they get to speak. So my on the side of the clan now. The people who hate me and want me dead. Just Hey. Not everything is boiled down to your pseudo intellectual. Morality. Sometimes it takes discussion amongst adults and perhaps a bourbon. With coronavirus. We are seeing new strains. But we're also seeing success in Indiana and how the vaccine is being brought forth as opposed to some other states. Dr. Lewis profess to joins me Right now he is an ER doctor. He is, according to lengthen dot com one of the 12 doctors you should be following. You have got not one but two doses of the vaccine as as a first responder. Let's start with those the basics. The cases of coronavirus that you've been seeing come in. Of course, we have this conversation of new strains Ohio saying that they've seen a new strain. What are we seeing going into hospitals right now? I mean, we're still think Tony was still think plenty of of Of coronavirus cases still thing people die from it. People end up in the ICU. Um, you know, the good news is that we have new treatment modalities. We've gotten so much better at managing these these cases. We're even now able to Set people up for outpatient monoclonal antibody infusions. These air weapons we didn't have in our armamentarium before. So the survival rate I really believe is going up. We're so much better at managing it and the overall General feeling I think of well being of the hospital staff, too, especially with the advent of the vaccines and everybody getting vaccinated. You can sort of see hits in there getting up kind of thing. People are in a better mood in terms of just being able to care for these patients to all a good thing. You've talked about in the past, in our conversations that you know these these first responders these front line people are very worried because if doctors of nurses of hospital staff really start getting sick, no one's going to get care. So getting that The vaccine out there And getting it to them was very much sign of relief. You've done two doses. Which vaccine did you get it? How did it go? I got I got the five year Maxine and I had a reaction for a fever and body ache reaction That really wiped me out for a day after the second vaccine, But I don't care. I mean, it was probably the The most happy I've ever been being sick in my entire life, and I'll take it. You know, I'd go through that 2050 100 times again. If I had to, Um, you know, it's interesting. I was talking to somebody yesterday. Healthcare providers getting their second vaccine said people were visibly crying and general public in Denver now being vaccinated in the vaccination centers over an ascension, health and Then that says a lot mean it shows you how emotional the amount of emotional impact this vaccine is now had on this community, So it's a great sort of tournament bands. I think Talking to Dr Lewis. Prophetic er, doctor is that does that happen? Vaccines and then people have have a reaction to it, whether where they're sick for a day or two or maybe longer. Well, you know, I can't recall getting a vaccine. I mean, you know if you ever had a tetanus vaccine a lot of times, people have severe arm pain and stuff like that, and people have sort of, uh, immune response. Sort of, like, almost like a serum sickness kind of response because the immune immune reaction being built build up and that's actually sort of a good thing. It's interesting when the in the early days when that when the studies were being done, and you'd be on some of the doctors, social media sites People that were in the studies knew that they had gotten a placebo because they hadn't got got. You know any reaction so they would lament they go hack and can't believe it. I must be in the placebo group because I feel completely fine. And here they are sort of wanting, uh, sort of a viral kind of reaction. So it's a good thing. Tony really is. Now, let's get into how this has been distributed. We've seen horror show in New York. We have seen long lines in Florida, but certainly an ability to better move the The vaccine out and in Indiana. I have not seen or heard anything except people being very impressed with how it's been moving. We're now doing people who are the age of 70 or over your one of people who agrees you should start with the oldest part of the population. And worked way down. And, of course, those those first responders. How do you think it's going? And if you have a thought on as you've seen it, what's making it works so well in Indiana compared to other states. I have no idea. But I'll tell you I had mine done in ascension Health at the the What's called the SIM Center. I could not believe how efficient and quick it was. I mean, it was like literally like Chick fil A took over the distribution of back in the state of Indiana. I don't know what we're doing different than other states, but I got I got friends and relatives. They're flying back from Florida to get their vaccinations here in Indiana. Because it's so efficient here. I mean, there's think glitches just like anything when you talk about tens of thousands of millions of people need to be vaccinated. But, man, we're doing something right. You know, if other states are having significant problems, they need to call Ardmore to help find out What in the heck Indiana's doing that that is that being that sort of transcending these other states? But, man, I'm starting to think that we may be the bottle in America right now. As the reporting goes from wish TV 148 vaccine sites in Indiana, nine in Marion County, but we are seeing some numbers tick back up. Expected eyes this what you get for visiting family. For Christmas. Or is this just one of those natural things as you see it, and we should expect numbers going back down or continue to live with it? Where? What is your take on? What is your contemporaries take Well, who knows? Yeah, There certainly were probably things that fella peak that was probably from Thanksgiving exposure. We're probably seeing a peek from Christmas exposure. Maybe you think of Pete from New Year's exposure. Um, you know, there's no rhyme or reason anymore. You know, you can sort of predict that you're gonna have a spike after certain mass gathering events, but You know, there's days where we come in where every bed is not from the coma patients and numbers under days. You come in tow in the work, and half the beds are empty..

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