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Kodhbane Emiko quick update and recap of the latest headlines, you'll get it all in minutes at the bottom of the hour on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. If you saw the presidential press conference moments ago, you saw exactly why they have got to get rid of the guy. You saw why they hate this guy. You saw how they understand. They cannot do what he does in terms of public. Speaking reaching out connecting with an audience making his case, what a performance from the president, greetings, my friends. It's Friday keep. Friday. And the number is eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two the Email address elrushbo eibnet dot US. All right. We just have the press conference in the rose garden after the president signed the. The budget deal and then declared a national emergency. We're still working on some of the some soundbites from this. That I want to share with you. But I I wanna I wanna set the.

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