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C. is the phone number one eight hundred two two two five two two two on the John Philip show we've got a Michael Bloomberg update for you Michael Bloomberg who as of today has already spent two hundred million dollars advertising is twenty twenty presidential run is spending money in more places than just TV radio YouTube Twitter Facebook everywhere you see even bus benches in San Francisco are full of Bloomberg twenty twenty stickers maybe he should do with the strip club in San Diego dead and by tens for homeless people with his logo all over it it's a brilliant strategy well he's also trying to spend money on Twitter accounts that make fun of him back in two thousand eleven a woman that lived in Staten Island created a parody Twitter account for then mayor Michael Bloomberg Miguel bloom B. tell making fun of the way that Michael Bloomberg would try to speak Spanish she writes things like speak okay soft low a Kerio own big go stack of Dinero well apparently she's had this for quite some time and she has a little fun with it she's a thirty three year old mother of two living in Staten Island and she was reached out to buy a operative of the bluebird twenty twenty campaign where they wanted to pay her to write pro Bloomberg messages in her parody Twitter account and she said no that was it a kind offer or did they come up from behind with a burlap sack in a station wagon and they drove her to Reno if I'm the proprietor of the L. bloom B. tell account I think they probably started with five figures and she's holding out for six or seven figures well I'll tell you what I would do if I was her I have someone else start my car she told that W. NYC that her first reaction when she got the email is there's no way that this is real and that her second reaction was this Israel and yanks well of the number gets high enough she'll sell album blade L. bloom recall they just sell it and start a new one it's one thirty let's take a look at all the latest headlines seven million eight KABC news it's one thirty I'm Liz Warner two people are hanging on to life after a corvette crash near the Burbank airport the black vehicle was found late last night stuck halfway through the fence on the west side of the airport with heavy damage officials originally believe that one person was dead but rush both of them to the hospital and have not provided an update the cause of the crash has not yet been determined but rain may have played a factor in the sun should be out this weekend but that doesn't mean there will be any good beach days that's because the recent storm washed lots of bacteria chemicals and other dangerous substances into the ocean Los Angeles county health officials say everyone should stay out of the water until at least Monday morning Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news the placer county sheriff's office is confirming one death and another person suffering serious injuries in an avalanche near the alpine meadows ski resort deputies and a search and rescue team continue to search for other possible victims at the resort just west of Lake Tahoe they had previously announced there were several unaccounted for victims and the federal government's auto safety agency is looking into allegations that Tesla's can suddenly accelerate on their own the national highway traffic safety administration says there have been one hundred and twenty seven order complaints and include one hundred and ten crashes in fifty two injuries the agency says it will look into unintended acceleration allegations that cover half a million Tesla vehicles including model three model S. and model X. vehicles from twenty thirteen to twenty nineteen versions some of the complaints which have yet to be verified allege that the cars electronics malfunction NHTSA is already investigating three December crashes involving Tesla vehicles in which three people were killed Joe Ramsey Washington on Wall Street the Dow closed up fifty points the S. and P. was up twelve points and the nasdaq was.

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