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I'm Jack Speer. US trade negotiators say, they have made substantial progress in talks this week with China, but his NPR's Scott Horsely explains they're not offering any predictions of whether an agreement can be struck in time to meet a March first deadline, the US wants to see major structural reforms from China, including new protections for American technology negotiators say they made headway during two days of intensive talks here in Washington. But President Trump says they're still a long way to go. Be so easy for me to make a deal with China. But it wouldn't be a real deal. I could get them to buy more corn than they've ever more and more soybeans and they've ever bought, and it'd be so happy if I did that, but they gonna do that. But in even higher numbers, but we're going to do a lot of other things negotiators plan to hold follow-up talks in China in mid-february, China did promise to buy a lot of US. Soybeans. Welcome news for farmers who've been hard hit by the trade war. Scott Horsely NPR news, the White House. In southern California this morning three people were arrested for visa fraud and other crimes authorities say were illegal birth. Tourism schemes NPR's on Jaffe reports the businesses allegedly charged Chinese nationals tens of thousands of dollars help them give birth in the USO their babies will become US citizens the birth. Tourism businesses were named star baby USA, happy baby. And you win USA which was operated by Dongwon Lee. As a result of the investigation, Lee, forfeited or federal authority seized millions of dollars in real estate and half a dozen luxury cars as well as cash gold, bars and coins, the owners of the birth tourism operations allegedly instructed customers how to disguise their pregnancies and lie to customs officials so they could overstayed their tourist visas in addition to visa fraud. Charges also include filing false tax returns and skipping out on hospital bills altogether nineteen. People were indicted, but sixteen of them have left the country. I knew Jaffe NPR, news Catholic diocese in Texas have released the names of two hundred eighty six priests and church figures, credibly accused of sexual abuse. San Antonio had the states longest list of names with fifty six some dating back all the way to nineteen forty archbishop Gustavo Garcia Siller says he understands the anger of survivors and says the church needs to work to make things right allegations of sexual misconduct. Mishandling of some of these cases might be ships during the church apart. And the challenge for us as church is to renew our commitment to holiness and Justice. The move by Texas church. Leaders follows last year's report of widespread clergy sex abuse in Pennsylvania, number of people filing first-time jobless claims to the bump up last week. The Labor Department says claims rose by fifty three thousand on Wall Street, the Dow was down fifteen points. This is NPR MRs KCRW, it's seven oh four. Good evening. I'm state. You take is this month storms up and down, California. Have brought the Sierra snowpack to near normal levels on a day. Of course, where we had some rain moving through and some upper elevations snow state water officials making that announcement today the State Department of water resources saying the snowpack is at ninety eight percent of normal for this time of year. Ben hatchet of the desert research institute in Reno. We can really make a lot of ground. If we just have a couple of kinda heavy hitting store, and that's what we're gonna get this weekend. One this morning another come tomorrow night early Saturday morning and. Still another one on Monday. The Sierra provide California with about a third of all its drinking water new US drought, monitor monitor map released today shows coastal southern California remains in a moderate drought that much of the central valley and the central Sierra Nevada no longer in a drought at all a controversial housing proposals. Getting some strong support today. It's a Bill that would make it easier for developers to build housing near public transportation and jobcentres even if there's local opposition more on that story. Now KCRW is Anna Scott, the big idea behind Senate Bill fifty is to tackle the housing shortage. That's led to high prices and cities like LA and help get cars off the road at the same time today. Habitat for humanity as well as a coalition of more than seven hundred and fifty affordable housing organizations announced their support for it state Senator Scott Weiner, previously introduced a similar measure that failed after one committee hearing last year that proposal got criticized for not doing enough to protect. Low income renters among other things while Senator wieners new version has picked up new supporters it's likely to go through tough negotiations as it moves forward. Local leaders around the states still have concerns about giving up any local control over development in their communities. Ws Anna, Scott reporting this evening, SP fifty has yet to be set or has any hearings hit yet to be set in Sacramento LAPD says it's investigating an act of antisemitic vandalism at a synagogue in. Tarzana it happened earlier this week at the Mishcon Torah synagogue on receipt boulevard. LA city councilman Bob Bloomfield, called the graffiti profane and hateful. The investigation comes on the same day that the center for the study of hate and extremism at Cal State. San Bernardino is out with a new study on hate crimes, and it found that they spiked by thirteen percent in the city of Los Angeles last year with the most crimes committed against members of the gay community, LGBTQ community, African Americans and Jewish people. Governor Gavin Newsom today defended the state's lawsuit against Huntington beach the suit claiming that the city reduced the number of affordable housing units at a planned to build and that is violation of state law Newsom saying that the housing situation in all of California is a crisis. The affordability crisis in the state is real the housing crisis in this state is real and it cannot be addressed by some alone has to be dressed by all of us together. And that includes Huntington beach state, Republicans have criticized the lawsuit thing the focus should be cutting red tape that allows special interest to tie up new housing projects for years seven, oh, seventy KCRW support for NPR comes from Newman's Own foundation, working to nourish the common good, but donating all profits from Newman's Own food products to charitable organizations that seek to make the world a better place. Newman's Own foundation dot ORG..

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