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Two thousand nineteen as they partner e F education fast and canyons throb Lionel. We are at the WHOA talk aw brewery in a blurry bit of North Yorkshire or at least Blur to me because I've had a tough day on the bike riding the inaugural world champion chicks. Let's see what we did there. Amazon drinking cycling podcast Beer as well afterwards the Yorkshire Wolves told old and we did a seventy four kilometer bike ride and we've got an audience in front of US seventy five people hello everyone collide bunch and all very competent cyclists. Everybody finished. I think everybody's here. Is Anybody not here to the right. Are there Lionel's only just here and anyone who didn't overtake me today. I have a word with Salads. No really competent bunch of cyclist. Klis said there was only one guy came I am with no innertube no puncture para que no pump even and he unfortunately no tire levers and he had three punctures so just wanted that was you was me she say so. Lionel here Daniel Free Your first appearance championship daunting virtual reality not podcasting. Welcome welcome Daniel. Did you ever get helping people fixing energy. I didn't have a bike I completely some of the the ride but without a bike round the twist to this from Star Trek yapped excellent so well. Normally we show up on what's it happened in the racing today so because we're riding Francois and dining were detailed to study the engineer senior road race and tell us all about it. If you guys would like to take away please and now onto Daniel lap-by-lap doc plays detail Daniel was actually worrying the car and we and we were actually trying to help trying to help people fixing the punctures and while I was going out taking they can pictures Daniela say was actually watching the junior racism la phone so he knows everything even even know school one. I Donahue Scottish rider with a fairly GBS birth. Certificate are more tact after five kilometers attacked out the back but the winner was Quinn Simmons. Ah I know the guy he's American on. They won the junior this year. He was shoeless for the race. I think he's tissue broke off the not today. Get a he peddled barefooted very much in the spirit of the second podcast World Championship pedal baffled for a few kilometers in given specialties in one getting payable government today. I think attacked on his island. yeah for one fatty fatty me. I'm the any any other mandalit metals awarded race. There was an American third as well. I noticed that the man who didn't mention one hundred Verde for the whole of welter young bride Alfie George. I think it was seventh. I'm we actually had him on the podcast briefly I think is I spoke to him after the UCI generic conference so I was like a strong performance from him who was second and third Lionel Lsu Martinelli of Italy was second and Good Yorkshire Latte from America Magnus Sheffield with it sounds like a great race the fastest clothing in the world tour the home.

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