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No worries. Just chill. Gotta. Go over to the website. ESPN NFC dot com. You can download the podcast daily. Now, Yep, you guessed it. I'm a speed bump, so I've got one job. I slow you down. So imagine how I feel about Geico who does way more like not only could they save you money on car insurance, but they've been around for over seventy five years, giving people fast and friendly claim service. Ow. Plus they got an empty mobile app that gives you twenty four, seven access. Ow. Just doing my job buddy Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. All right, gentlemen, late last week on extratime somebody wrote in via Twitter, asking you Stevie who your top five current centrebacks or so it got us thinking, and we've had Paulo and use TV put together a list, but I wanna see Paulos list I and at the very top, there you see Diego voting. It's a fullest Palo, no complaints from me here. But how is it that you arrive at the conclusion that a head of Rama's Gallini Piquet around go, dean is the number one centreback presently in the womb. I think he's the best pure defend in I group, and that was what else may decide that for me. You know, Sergio Ramos is a guy who, of course, he's one of the very best bikes in the world. He's someone who is assigned to just constantly in in the biggest games always shows up perceiving needs it who gets onto the skin of opposing players, which I think is actually a real asset to his team as well. But go, dean is just so reliable. You know, he's playing for team. I'd let's go Madrid who cost, and then let's see with no budget, but they're up punching what above that. We wait season after season with boss'll owner and Real Madrid in the league. And that's because they saw some forms such a reliable defence and defence is without question founded on Joe dean. He's the rock. He's a guy who you trust.

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