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The game so differently than anyone else on or off the ice stabber was the first collegiate goaltender to win the hobie baker award thirty years ago exactly followed his 10year pro career by almost immediately getting into coaching first as a goalie coats for islamabad or the university of minnesota that he did the same for the unb women's team he was an assistant coach for the united states women steven so cheap and now he's piloted this team gold and his assistant coaches associate coach brushstroke assistant coach paul barra they keep handing out the silver so we'll much more people on the staff of team usa women jim radcliffe strength and conditioning coach officially they also have the team position is here dr ali house athletic trainers sherry walters katie hohmann quivering managers brett hull and hockey operations murray's halligan andrea most rally is their communications coordinator and she's here with us in pyongyang chain and now as they handled the last silvermedal they move fifty the usa and the gold medal presentation there you go big meet does you then he gold medallists and olympic champions united states of america exactly the lee's.

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