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Secondary hockey assists throughout the season. He had zero okay. So Sam Bean's had zero bats. Tricky one is tricky. When you get to marquesses tumour guesses okay? Let's let's limit. It's none of the forwards because they all had multiple goals. It's not Nicholas Mesquita. It's not Sam. Nicholson Jack Bryson a bunch of assist. So it's not gonNA be him I I'm thinking I think it's this guy and I think he only had one goal. Go and I think it was the L.. AFC Win at home. I think it's Danny Wilson. Uh Danny Wilson had more. He had two goals and an assist in thirteen. Hundred Twenty nine minutes so there's someone who was worse than that someone who is worse than that. Okay it's shocking. It's you're saying this ironically. Oh it's it's actually shocking. I looked at this and I was like that can't be right and I was and it was okay so this is per nineties. So maybe an attacking player who played a bunch of minutes but then didn't score. Oh my gosh is it Kellyn. Acosta Dacosta Kosta had two goals two assists in two thousand six hundred nineteen minutes the lowest ratio of any player who didn't record who recorded a goal Orion assist the only players. There's a couple places he recorded none. But they're all defenders so yeah kinda shocking Kinda shocking and if you add to that and I'm just now I'm just basically ranting on how statistically insignificant Kellyn Acosta was last year if you add to that the fact that he had zero point six Volcano key passes per game. He was not great in twenty nineteen from a production standpoint. Join Tonight let's move onto the next question Name all the rapids players who were rostered in twenty nineteen but did not play a single a minute for the senior team. There are four of them four players who were on the roster and yet never played a senior team. Minute is are. We saying all competitions competitions mark or just league playoffs League play justly play. Okay Sam Rayburn Sam Ravin played zero minutes Matt Huntley Only Matt Hundley played zero minutes. Nikki Jackson Nikki. Jackson played thirty five minutes. Okay late one one appearance in there. Okay somebody else. Andre Rawls Thurgau key roles played zero minutes. Okay so one more. There are actually two because I actually took robin off. Because he's not other offer anymore but we'll let it slide okay okay Was By rabbi. Is One of them and the other one is so obvious that you just forgot it. It's Court Ford. Oh right okay. We kind of guy he was kind of like he was in training at the beginning. This season as well didn't he gets minutes at the beginning of the season. The answer was no. He was now now. Hurt for the whole Seattle. So all right next question. What player featured in thirty two games but started just eleven thirty two games but started just eleven of them? Okay not going to be any of the main inserting defenders because they would have started enough. So this is this is the WHO's the main Super Saab Award supersub thirty two games. I mean the Guy Basically so eleven so twenty one substitute appearances edge like the coach was basically like warm up your coming in. I don't know when or where but but you're gonna you know okay Got To be an attacking player. It's not Or Rubio or SAM. I'm going to say I gotta say Nicholas Nicholas Mosquito Correct Matthew but I looked at that number I was like I had to double check out. That's crazy you got a guy who you need every game aim but you only come off the bench. That's great. How many minutes did he play on thousand four hundred and five so one thousand four hundred and five divided by? You said thirty two appearances so that means he played on average forty three point nine minutes per appearance so effectively like played one half for every start that he had all right two more questions matt and this one's a multiple choice. who had had more key passes per game? Was it a Kellyn. Acosta the Seb Anderson or see Danny Wilson who had the most key passes assists per game Acosta Anderson or Wilson. So per game is per appearance or pertinent knee minutes a game perkins okay. I'm going to say I feel like Anderson didn't play a whole lot of minutes. An didn't play a whole lot of minutes on the whole of the season and the ones that he was playing and he was usually a wingback. So getting involved in the attack or in front of Keegan Rose in various. So I'M GONNA say Sebastian Correct Sebastian. Anderson had zero point point seven key passes per game while Kellyn Acosta had zero point six. And we all knew that Danny Wilson was just thrown in there for fun. Really Danny Wilson Still L.. Had Zero Point Three. Yeah so you were doing that to play me like it has to be too obvious but maybe it is right but the guy. The Guy who still wasn't old enough to go to his senior prom had more assists. Add add more key passes than our number TAB which is kind of mind blowing all right and the final question question. I'm maybe I use this entire quiz to pick on Kellyn Acosta which I did I did too. I did not mean to all right This was also one of those kind of like. Aw I'm surprised by that Keegan Rosemary. As we all know had the most minutes on the rapids of any defender and by most minutes I mean he literally played every single. Oh minute of the season I think he was one of only three players in the entire league to play thirty. Four Games ninety minutes. Yeah amazing. So here's here's the question. What's currently roster defender? Had these second most minutes on the entire team second most merge current current current defender of currently rostered player. Yes Are we including Austin trustee in not playing for the rapids this year We are who okay. So Austin Trustee played twenty two games you said earlier earlier in the show mark that he had the same number of appearances as lawless. A BOUBACAR but I want to say it Sam Vines because because I feel like declan win had the two games got her dillon. Serna had like three or four appearances. Then I want to say Sam Vines. Probably Twenty five starts ninety minutes most of those Ding thing Ding Ding. You're good boom. When he six start twenty six games twenty.

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