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Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the work. When it's time to go home. News Radio nine fifty. The road commission for Oakland County reports at nearly twenty percent drop in fatalities on the roads. It maintains and twenty eighteen compared to twenty seventeen spokesman Craig Bryson talked with w J's Mike Campbell. Well, once again for the third straight year, we've seen a we saw a drop in the number of fatalities on roads under our jurisdiction in two thousand eighteen which you know, safety being our top priority. That's that's always our biggest goal, and we're very pleased to see those numbers. Obviously you guys play a huge part in that. But the drivers and some of those fatalities weren't weren't your fault. Absolutely. And and you know, there there are many factors that go into these numbers. Certainly we think we played one significant role. But obviously there are other elements as well driver awareness driver behavior. Certainly a big factor is vehicle safety. Certainly a factor as. Well, but there are things that we can do on the roads that we know help to reduce the likelihood of fatalities. And those are our top priorities. Things that you did or are doing that are making a difference. Sure. Lots of things. I mean, first of all everything we do is dictated by safety. So whether it's routine maintenance to road project, selection, and design safety.

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