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C. dot com Dana show sorry sorry sorry shows that I turned down and noticed the queue you would be very impressed with yourself data that I get the idea delivering the truth are you a citizen or are you a subject because I'm a citizen and I'll ask whatever question I want to win ever I want to if your subject you go wanting to be a subject I'm Mrs what they're proposing to not send the articles for disposition to the Senate after being passed in the house is incredibly dangerous just think for a moment a past articles of impeachment in the house he refused to send men to the Senate until the Senate constructs a trial of your liking as speaker of the house we have separation of powers for reasons you can't be speaker of the house Majority Leader of the Senate at the same time that's the that's the big point Nancy Pelosi is trying to wield with her actions the majority that she has and the house and she's trying to all that over the Senate and trying to die right how the Senate acts by using her leadership in the house that's not how many of us as that's that's not how many of the says and I still think it's hysterical that their own witness was like Hey by the way into like those articles of impeachment are actually sent to the Senate he is not like actually huge so there you go welcome back second hour program at election Twitter official English on the face books as well I am AT and I'm gonna get to some of this other stuff too but the so basically the schedule is going to be after after Christmas and I guess probably like the second week of January is when the Senate will start picking stuff off for this but in Chuck Schumer and all of them they have no ground on which to stand as it relates to demand a witness says controlling time lines or any of that the house had entirely shot out Republicans from not only directed anything but from really ultimately being able to participate and anything too so all of this is they're not gonna get anything that that there this is why elections elections matter and they don't have a majority they don't have any work because they don't have anywhere near the votes and hits from needed on a slave to do anything in the Senate they have nothing so that's that's that's it they're they're just as a well as it were but that's a good point though by Lindsey Graham because you're you're you're not you're not she doesn't control the Senate Chuck Schumer as minority leader is not the Majority Leader and that's there they are Republicans are going to set up the process and it's not illegitimate because it's Republicans setting up the process in fact it's even more so legitimate because it's the majority party doing as it is written by controlling the whole trial that's it and it's not there as I've said over and over again it's not their job to do the investigatory work that the house was required to do and ultimately failed at that's just where we are shown below sea has invited trying to deliver the state of the union on February fourth February fourth will be the state of the union that's going to be interesting to watch because you know how Democrats that on one side Republicans and on the other side that's going to be very interesting to watch I'm and I I mean diet that that's going to be probably one of the most partisan I would think they're gonna Democrats are gonna sit down the whole time I've maybe they'll get a clap who knows D. trump lawyers were encouraged to ask hello see if a delay means that he is an impeached yet which I think they should I honestly should the debate last night Elizabeth Warren had some very uncomfortable moments but there was I don't know if you saw the story the story that she apparently was had I were as they were sending out their list of endorsements or when you when you can even on certain certain campaigns site you can go to their website and then you see the about and donate all the stuff and then you can see their endorsement to people who are endorsing your can't their campaign their candidacy and Elizabeth Warren had a list of stuff that she had sent out in the freebie again had covered the US and I of Washington examiner skews me had covered us and she had listed and Bach on a list of people that endorsed her for president I don't know if you guys remember who advocate is he's the Democrat and this big fund raiser who is close to the Clintons who is a wicked perv and he was charged in September for numerous crimes including the drugging and deaths of gay black men in Los Angeles and I did read all of the interviews from some of the families of these men you want to talk about a predator he would specifically pray on vulnerable individuals and to ply them with drugs there was a story of one who had just gotten sober and a bug dragged him back into the pits of hell and there's like photographic evidence and all kinds of and if the family is no one was doing anything and I agree with what some has been set of some of what has been said by the families and that I think that his status as this major fund raiser this bundle are I think that helps protect him I don't know how you anyone else if they are if they're if they're giving drugs and selling drugs and basically no prostituting people and doing all everything that they're doing that this guy was doing how in the world and there's photographs that are flying around everywhere online how are you how would they how you would get a knock on your door this guy didn't until the families raise some Cain and thank heavens they dead so he was charged in September and this was the Washington examiner have reached out to Elizabeth Warren's campaign they're like Hey you're somewhere people listed on your endorsements here and one of them is as Bach why I mean this is a bug is listed he's got a really really bad I mean these are these are sexual predator he's a very dangerous sexual predator he was also charged with the ministry methamphetamine main and maintaining a drug house and one of the charges there are they said that the methamphetamine that he was distributing to one particular individual resulted it is specifically not individuals death and so the excuse of the Warren campaign had here it is as to why he was listed they blamed Obama now I can get it and they said that this was I'm gonna read you the direct quote from Elizabeth Warren spokesperson quote this was a mistake considering add Bach was not staff or an alarm this was put together via Google docs by some Obama alarms and they caught some non staff that populated the list but obviously they missed one they are removing it that's what they told the Washington examiner however email show that they lied Washington examiner has receipts sit down for some tea so December twelve email shows that warrants South Carolina deputy state director Christina Q. was asking various Obama alumni to sign up for the last so actually I mean to reach out to people who previously were fundraisers and bottlers and donors for one came and this is you know I mean this is but that you don't know the student's name or maybe you don't care because the race so much money so the email that they have a screen shot of the email addresses redacted was sent on December twelfth twenty nineteen and it says good evening pfam I wanted to reach out to you to join the a lot of bomber alumni for Warren grip please click here if you're ready to pledge your support to dream big and fight hard with senator Warren and has all these cliques are these like she can sign up that says if you're not sure yet about senator Warren take a look at the transcript of a recent speech ball of a block and they sent the they sent us out everywhere and then there was on Twitter a link to an article about the endorsements and Elizabeth and those with more like I'm so grateful to have these people etcetera etcetera so they lied about it they were actually going off and soliciting this they were soliciting this they completely lied I have a feeling that when the Washington examiner aspen is there to do the answer they're just seen if they're gonna be forthright about it and so they they wasn't because someone forgot to take your name off of a Google doctors because they actually went out they were soliciting the stuff who now just to remind you of this creepy predators background the victims alleged victims of I bought what they told law enforcement that he would prey on black man with the promise of free drugs right Washington examiner to lure them back to his home in LA and then he would drug them an assault them and he was he a major major Democrat party mega donor he's listed as a mega donor and he supported and don't and fundraise for Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Ted Liu Adam Schiff and they I mean all of them in fact Jamelle more who was homeless he told the New York Post he was working as a prostitute he wrote in his journal this is from the New York Post and I remember when his journal that when when Jamal Moore's journal was published on my gosh he wrote that book is the one thing he gave me my first injection of crystal meth and he said he blames Buck he was he was trying to get off the street but he was homeless any was prayed upon they are in January just this year to the dean fifty five was found dead box and back home Bucks attorney see more answers at the time that the managers to drugs before he came to the mega donors house and Buck didn't call paramedics for I don't know like fifteen or so minutes after the deed after they do dumb deed and black said oh no no no I it that's that's not that's not accurate that's not accurate was just an accidental overdose wow and prosecutors labeled and back is a quote violent dangerous sexual predator who mainly preys on man made vulnerable by addiction and homelessness I mean he like he one time well I was trying to torture of victim accorded reportedly with a power saw think he's not yep there you go so that's to Elizabeth Warren is bragging about having and then they lied about how he ended up even being on there can she don't lie unlike any point ever can you just not lie about stuff she's Gilly from us enough to stop lying about stuff is to stop Callie the other big guy the others for that we were watching is this insane story about this Iowa man who set fire he took an L. G. B. T. Q. flag from a it was a United church of Christ and set it on fire outside outside of a strip club the man's are a lawful Martinez it was an LGBT Q. flag hanging from the church in Ames Iowa and he admitted to police that he stole it and he burned it and he received a sixteen year sentence it was for the hate crime of arson and also an additional year for the reckless use of explosives or fire an additional thirty days for harassment and.

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