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Be negligent as your fantasy host telling you to avoid playing. Spencer. Where today does make any sense you got a placement to where? And love with me talking Spence aware, if you're fitting him into your lineup, you gotta fit in pant. I mean by Spencer. We're getting. Pretty much all the attention because he's it's chalk play of the year. You're gonna want to have some security blanket as well. For Pat Mahomes expensive, where kids spells out of the backfield to folks, he's not just a in between the tackles runner so cheese offense, I expect to run the exact same way as we've seen. So if I have the digital money saved. Why wouldn't I pay up to get Pat Mahomes? Pat, Mahomes is running you. I mean, let's let's be clear here bat Mahomes is not that expensive. If we're being truly honest with ourselves here. Pat, Mahomes is not going to be that expensive. The reason being is that because of the fact that you're only paying four grand for Spencer ware. I mean, that's what it comes down to. Because if you look at the face of it here, I mean, Pat, Mahomes is seventy six hundred on draftkings ninety one hundred on fan duel. But if you're paying that low draft gangs and fan duel plies as well to where he's only fifty two hundred you can pay for Pat Mahomes. That's that's the beauty, you know, this because of the fact that Pat Mahomes being ninety five hundred on a fan duel. You know, you normally that'd be too rich is like you're not gonna be afforded. But because the chiefs offense dumps the ball to the running backs. This gives you the the pairing. You can pair Spencer where we're Pat Mahomes without issue. You don't have to play tyreek hill today. If you don't want to if you think you're paying too much. It's the salary on the chiefs. But to me the stack to play is tyreek hill or you can play Elsie. But I I would rather do hill because I think I have a suitable cheap options in tight end this week. I would stack tyreek hill Pat Mahomes expense aware that's your building block for both cash games and tournament lineups to me. The cheese are going to score budget points on this raiders team. Yes is a possible that somebody's guys get some rest. Not everybody though, not everybody's going out of the game. So even if it turns into complete Miller blowout, you're still going to get those fourth quarter points that everybody's going to be out of the mic. So I still think that this is without question the stack you gotta go with and then you move on with the rest of your lineup from there..

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