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It's a time in a quiet place to start by answering some introspective questions and focusing on self awareness. What opportunities have I accepted bid? Fire me up. Am I taking anything or anyone for granted. What goals of I said? Am I achieving those goals. When did I last push the boundaries and step out of my comfort zone? Do I have control over my life or am I letting things stress me out that I don't control then allow yourself to zoom out dig a little deeper and tap into what matters most. How do I define success? What values I use music to me? And what experiences have made them so important. Are there any relationships that I want to repair improve. Where do I find my support? And have I express my gratitude to those supporters. What are three amazing achievements that I've had in the past year? There's an old saying that. Echoes Sonny's point about acknowledging the good and the bad the saying goes without rain or the chill of the wind. You can't appreciate the warmth of the Sun getting to the right answers takes time. But once you've taken account of the good and the bad you can determine what influenced your perceptions your core values and your circle of trust with Out The filter of bias. Which makes me think of the expression without rain? Nothing grows when I think about where authentic internal and external gratitude converge. I can't help but feel that one can't occur without the other. There's an interwoven. Reliance there if you're working to appreciate more of Your Life's journey you're going to naturally find people and things you'll feel a need to express gratitude toward and if you're taking the time to say thank you to others for their work the ways they make you feel deal or how they had your back you're going to end up. Fostering greater internal gratitude so it's circular in. Its own way what I find. Most amazing thing about these cycles of gratitude is how they naval our capacity to enrich the lives of others. I think this is because it's natural to want to share the positive feelings that stem stem from gratitude. It's as if when you feel appreciative. You WanNa share that feeling with others so you give what you can to enrich their lives and pay those. Those feelings forward Sonny briefly brought up the example of mentorship but there are countless ways. You can pay it forward. The great news is that there's really no wrong way to pay it forward. What matters is that your genuine and the way you want to give back and the action is kind and grounded in making a positive impact on the world that aligns closely with the Hebrew concept called to coon along which you can look forward to hearing more about.

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