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I really feel like it's, you can't get off the line like that are get that separation like you used to. That's when it matters in the rhythm. I would Definitely. definitely gets the worst separation ever and makes every single get. Does he run routes at all guys always in his jersey. He just makes the catch anyway. It's true. He has always just like jumping over someone's back to make the catch say he's perfectly covered the Martavis Bryant like forty five yards downfield draped on him. He just gets it. Horrible separate. I've been going back like Brian Baldinger. I don't remember him doing listen previous seasons, but he's been doing these like really good breakdowns this year on Twitter. I haven't watched the Br. I have seen his name pop up more like NFL centers I. Oh, that's. That's an interesting take. That's something new the. Yeah. And he's, he'll just go through games and he'll he'll be like, this is why this play worked. I mean, he's not the first person to fucking do this. I just like how he does it. And it's all it's never like obvious plays either. It's like a seven yard run. He's like, look at this block and how they just got this guy out of there and like hate showed one chiefs play this with against the Broncos. He showed one chiefs play. They literally put like five guys, I believe in motion pre snap, like it was. It was funny. Like someone went to left two guys went to the right and the running back went to the other side like. Like if you're a defense like, come on just walking, not the ball. I'm trying. He, I think I like, I guess people like it. He doesn't do it in like a, he's not looking down on you like a lot of those if you as they're like, it's the gap, which if you don't know like, all right, smarty pants, and he just he just talked what he sees right. Yeah, I, I hope he keeps doing. I assume you will, but you just quits. Yeah. Ever make the man happy. In Harlem. No, sir. There's also a defensive line account which basically just post great defensive line plays, okay, which I'm all in. Yeah, it's like it's basically just an Aaron Donald fan of Kim. He is the defensive lineman. Yes, it's true. JJ watt looks bad. He does. He very much. Does. Yeah, good to see. I like I don't like injury, stripping people like especially in their prime. Yeah. Yeah. He still had too many like he was too young for it to be like, oh man. He looks so old and slow. Yeah, but now apparently even to play the year again, how about. Clown is still a monster. As fast as human being. I've ever seen Jesus Christ or fast the quickest off the line. I'll say. It. I mean it's terrifying. It's absolutely. Asking them to block. It's like you're blocking him. And he was like, goody subbed out, subbed out this plan. This JJ like God damn. Did you like we subbed out? He's like, no, I'm just over here. He's another sides reg throws the running back. The quarterback is taffy on the shoulder. Like he's already behind you somehow. I just can't wait to. They don't resign him because so they can. I don't know resigned like some mid great offensive line. We had. We had a short Balkans of line and let all pro Russia go. Can do both still making pennies. Watson doesn't need to be protected a little bit more and you need someone who knows our fucking like this is where I give mcdaniels break. When I watch other teams. I'm like, oh yeah, these guys are just fucking drool into cups on the sideline. Like McNeil's that bad by any stretch. Like he just annoys me realize like on I gotta do a little work. If I leave here..

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