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See onto quantify home Messier and Renaldo dominate given their position giving the measure is purely and goals. And you spoke about that earlier. It's far more difficult for a defendant. It's a whole lot easier to see well if this such and such a defendant played instead of Veron, then you know, who say who who's to say that the result wasn't wouldn't be any different. I'm not just defendants in that regard. Anybody how you know if you aren't able to quantified in ghouls anybody on the page, you can make an argument. Well, if somebody has complained that exact same position who should see the results have been any different. And that's that's the trouble again. It's generally that's why it's generally attacking players who go and win these awards. But then this. This. Inflow defender. Well, of course, these awards, it's chilly, but could give you an example of the defender who you could see winning it maybe not obviously not this season. But in a different season is for example, a team like let you go Madrid. When you're gonna go gene was on. His putt was in his palm. He pops up. It's one with some key goals any Athletico Madrid spend the whole game defending and he's the leader of some defense against another team. That shoots fifty times on goal and easy emotional leader. But ref Veran wasn't even the emotional leader of France. You're not even giving him points for that either. So I don't I don't see the logic and elevating this guy just because he happens to play around Madrid or put differently if Rao Madrid won the league last year in Barcelona at won the Champions League, these same people would have voted for t t. Because look he won the World Cup, and he won the champions e-. I think it's as simple as that. So that's why I look mortgages. And then I mean and that same. And that same feeling. That's why look. Well, I mean, look, I thought this this whole thing's nonsense. Vote for Raffi overrun, but why should RAFI over on not being the list and look Ahmad jazz because it comes down to the fact that people are only seeing what midfielders stroke frontmen, right because this season this too. So is the football. You have to be good defensively. You have to be good in attack tech is old glory. Defense is king. About FRANZ winning the World Cup because they defended. Well, all around the field the to summit up to something Magnusson at the World Cup. He almost won the World Cup of because if he's disciplined and the white flight that position, but he won't get a looking because people are looking at the front you gave them a vote. He's the best. I can look at Real Madrid. And frit Francis performances. And Petco numerous things that you didn't see June the game where RAFI overruns pace and possession got sailed georamas or whoever he's playing with trouble. Because that's the of defending has quality as he pace. I'm that's where he won from a defendant and his key. That's his strength note. We say and he went in the door because he's not the best positive of the bowl or he's not the best processional defendant. Breeze pace gets in trouble. Putting people in this attention what people in this small kind of these. And that's why you see the same people being. Sounds like you might want to redo your ballot. Right. No. But I just don't understand why he's coming. Some can be on it and some come fair enough Yvo Veran first place. I did too up on his fourteen the name them. I don't know who the home was that will remain a mystery. The odds to win the real thing that parents. Well, look as favourite and look Veran is second favourite at coding to the oddsmakers Rinaldo down at eight to one in fifth place a messy yet twenty two one to lifted December the food the dight. Dello sport in Italy, going big with the Abraham vich Bank to AC Milan story, a lot of English media outlets handsome. They said suggested that some some deal is already being done that let's bring gab in on this the English media outlets suggesting a six month loan deal. That's already been signed is that accurate gab. Well, it's funny because a lot of these English media outlets site Italian sources like Zeta like countryman, Kartal dot com..

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