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That will get a get like to stuff talking about more of your tweets about what you're doing tomorrow rosin watching the royal wedding people will be what she i the media will talk about obsessed with it but most people getting a lot of tweets in from that and we'll see to be talking about why stress and anxiety related hospital admissions accordion more than seventy million pounds a year ammos can you talk about why so many restaurants run by top celebrity chefs are likes of gordon ramsay college and indeed jamie oliver all closing that's coming up after an update on the headlines here at talk radio with santiago radio off our headlines good morning the uk is thought to be considering almost doubling its military deployment in afghanistan after pressure from donald trump the time says about four hundred soldiers could be sent to join the six hundred already there in non fighting roles speaker john belk has been accused of causing a senior minister as stupid woman in the house of commons some mp's claim may hurt him swear at andrea lead in calling useless she's reported she didn't hear it political commentator matt charlie editor of the times red box has been telling julia on talk radio something the speaker may have picked on the wrong opponent here john berko shouldn't underestimate the risks of going tides judaism she's absolutely determined to deal with bullying generally securities titan windsor ahead of tomorrow's royal wedding last minute preparations and rehearsals involving the armed forces have been taking place assistant chief constable david hardcastle says there's a huge police presence on the streets you stay with your on the trains british transport police l on the roads or roads policing units as you get into windsor vehicle barriers will be up you'll see officers alan patrol when you're in windsor itself we have offices out if i'm armed officers out and we'll also be going through a screening and search regime if you're coming into the processional route citizens who will walk meghan markle down the aisle after her father pulled out yesterday her mother is due to meet the queen later along with harry and meghan the choice and style of dress is being keenly anticipated david emmanuel who designed princess diana's says the whole fashion industry has excited the detail on captains jess was very subtle but this i'm expecting wall i keep a very pareddown that someday is.

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