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Apple made over one hundred category changes to podcasts yesterday. And those changes have been well received by most podcasters, little detail to come out of online discussions that we've seen include apples attention to detail unlike those previous categories, the new apple podcasts categories stand on their own. So daily news, for example, doesn't require to have its parent category presence to make sense that should lead to clearer and easier you X for podcast apps, and the new soccer category will be correctly localized as football in countries like the UK that call it the right thing. Indeed categories have always been localized. Daniel j Lewis has been playing with the new apple podcasts desktop happen. Try the transcription search we link to test of his on Twitter from our show notes and newsletter. Pretty cool. He says, if you use Apple's Siri that we'll be able to control third party podcast apps from. Early september. It's being available on Google assistant for many years. Paul bean has unveiled palled ads and add management system for podcasters which can be used to ensure ads appear on the right day and in the right places. Thanks to geo targeting. Unlike other services, this one doesn't take a cart of your ad revenue Spotify has begun rolling out podcast playlists the websites. My Spotify ideas has discovered. They're dead good true. Crime playlist users still can't add podcast, episodes to their own playlist yet. However speaking at a media conference Australian radio presenter. Amanda Keller says, when you hear long drifting podcast with no discipline, you recognize good radio, or we would guess a good podcast. Steve cramped from Pacific content rights how the company measures are successful podcast diagnoses podcast problems. Meanwhile, South African broadcaster Gareth cliff shares his thoughts on podcasting, successfully and. Simple cost wonder is there, a race and gender pay gap in podcasting and ask you to take part in a pay gap survey, you'll find all the links in our episode notes and our newsletter today. South Korea is the world's podcasting capital, exclaims website, Ozzie, and from that we linked to the most popular podcasts in South Korea from a service, they're called pod, bang, David Abramovich, argues that audio is more important than ever. He quotes for the first time in history. The spoken word has the same reach and arguably as much power as the written word. And here's a thing from a website called the prompt. They've published a day in the life of Michael Barbaro, and we can only hope that this is true. Let me read you a few lines. Six fifty AM Michael steps into the shower applying. A mildly scented, Jack black body, Washington organic loofah. He proceeds through rounds of both lexuses warming up his dulcet voice for signatures to contact delivery as he turns off the forces. It's unclear if he reaches I for towel or for his intellectual spectacles. Three PM Michael practices. His interested sound which he deftly sets into all of us. He has founded doing so before speaking of Mike relaxes incentive. This can go on up to a talent before recording given episode two good read. You should read all of

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