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To suffer from something maybe not eared we'll bowel but you may get even headaches or depression anxiety you will suffer from something so what we're going to talk about today is is after we discussed susan's case here win if we're gonna share five steps that you can follow to help cure europe while syndrome naturally but first again we're gonna we're gonna tell you about susan as he's basically a life long ib s suffering at age forty five according to her help history he'd suffer from ib ask for thirty three thirty four years so most of her life so her major symptoms that she had on a daily basis were sudden painful cramping diarrhea she was doing the best she could to prevent it she did not consumed dairy guy didn't drink or smoke took six brazil every day but nothing helped she was is consigned to the fact that eta's life i am miserable she grow the bathroom four to five times even before she left the house in the morning she couldn't go out of the house at all without knowing where all the closet bathrooms were the closest bathrooms were because she did she will she described them as her well her attacks i won't say exactly what she described that i can't say that on the radio but that wasn't hurley problem she also felt full and bloated every single solitary mill starchy foods were really kick in her rear end so she had taken many antibiotics over the years in fact she had taken a rathore of antibiotics over the year and she's over the years and had many many many used infections and so she did an upper endoscopy scope into her stomach shown showed that she did have gastritis inflammation of the stomach she also had severe severe pms irregular periods breast tenderness sugar cravings headaches he was extremely agitated as she had unusual symptoms like rectal itching which is one of the biggest clues for yeast infections or food allergies which she and also she was just tired all the time no energy did not want to do anything sashi tried to helping her die it was a less than ideal i mean she basically ran muffin coffee in the morning salad at lunch but a drug of choice we sugar she consumed that and had cravings for.

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