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CBS news time twelve eleven so you have a dry cough maybe a slight fever and some body aches should you be tested for coronavirus KCBS is Rebecca corral got some answers from this morning's ask an expert segment on KCBS gold rush right to the emergency room call your doctor first that's the advice from Dr John Fahey made director of UCSF emergency medicine it's a scratch and throat dry cough maybe even like a low grade fever your perfect symptoms to bring up with doctor by telephone by video visit and if it's decided that you need to get testing then you can be referred into a place to get a test performed Dr he says covert nineteen symptoms can vary widely from person to person for some it's a cough and a fever others lose their sense of smell and taste some get GI symptoms and some no fever at all who should get to the emergency room if somebody gets up to walk around their own home and feels pretty significantly winded by doing an activity that would have otherwise been very very easy they would have thought twice about it that might be something that I would recommend in person evaluations for another alarming sign if a few minutes of vigorous talking makes you wind it Rebecca chorale KCBS and you can listen to doctor for him he's interview again and read a transcript of it KCBS radio dot com all of our ask the expert interviews are posted at KCBS radio dot com slash ask an expert the south Lake Tahoe police have arrested a woman for reportedly leaking almost two thousand dollars worth of groceries at a Safeway police say employees at the store on Johnson lane saw the woman put pieces of jewelry on our hands lick the jewelry and then loader cart with mass amounts of groceries officials say an employee told police that the jewelry and items in the cart were and sellable due to cross contamination the woman was west arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and has now been booked into the Eldorado county jail a CBS news time twelve thirteen just two minutes away from sports with Steve Baker and sponsored by star one credit union get totally free checking go to star one dot org the CBS for telling you how this emergency affects farmers we didn't even watch our stuff we just harvested pedestrian the boxes kids to raise animals for four H. it's a big lights out I know it's a huge part of it was showing showing what you've done what you've worked for an hour cocktails.

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