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Him. Brian Kelly's gone, he's still a Brian Kelly player, I guess, so it doesn't really work, but like, they might dip back in Notre-Dame again. And they might just bail on LSU. Brian Kelly's not a good coach. Yeah. Notre-Dame players rarely hit. You know, I know there's a couple league right now claypool is one of them, but yeah. So the question that I had there busts. So the question I have here is, do we double up at a position like corner? Yeah. I think that's definitely not a terrible idea to hedge our bets there with Zion McCollum or do we take the running back now? Because we could wait till one 58 and probably get a solid running back, I would also put doubling up on offensive line, right? Getting a guard here is in a terrible idea either. So I think there's a guard we can get a little later. I think Josh job. I think Josh joke he's fell at this point. Yeah. And he was the first round pick at one point. He just said it down here. Right. Remember last year they took a bunch of guys who were better two years ago than the year before. That's Josh job to me. Yeah, he definitely has a physicality in the press man ability. And he comes from a system that's basically a carbon copy of the way the Patriots run their coverage. So if I am a column, if they have to wait on ziya McCollum for a year until he's ready to play it at this level, Josh job could probably play as a rookie. In the way that they're on their scheme. So we also did, I mean, we took chenal, if that's the picture sticking with press man, they're just going to make it work with the personnel they have. Yeah. So Josh jobs the fit. So I think Josh job. Okay. And then we would do Josh dove, and then I think we go with an anterior offensive lineman and a running back with those fits round picks. So I think we do well, we only have one 5th round pick left, because we traded one. All right, well, we have two 21 now. Okay. So we have one 58, and then down at 200..

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