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They've got money. Why do they need to work well. It's nice to be able to pal around with warren buffett jump on his plane. I don't think they do it anymore. But fly down to augusta and play golf take him on the phone during your bridge game at the club and all i had to take this call it's from warren buffett and so they've stuck around but these were good managers. When they sold the businesses they stayed on as good managers and the question was have they developed their own benches inside of those those companies and and i'm satisfied with what i've seen in all kinds of the digging that we've done that they really have thought long and hard within each of those myriad operating subs about succession planning ashida as you know now heads the insurance operations rations greg able runs the balance of the operating businesses. There's a question as to a sheets succession. We've heard mr buffet for years. In years. Talk about how important he is to berkshire and there's no doubt he's that important to the national indemnity piece of the business but my understanding is his ability to price businesses is like no other in my presumption would be that they've developed a bench underneath as sheet as you know he spends a lot of time on the phone with mr buff and they talk about deals and warren talks about him being that much more brilliant than anybody's encountered if any happens to zt and there's no bench underneath them does that imply them. Some portion of the business of they've written needs to being run off and that we can't write that type of business some of these odd one policy they've written. I don't know that's a question. That probably should have been asked at the meeting this year. I think deserves an answer at some point in the near future. <hes> i think mr buffet at eighty eight and mr monger at ninety five is brilliant as they both are. I applaud them for bringing greg able and gedin this year to answer some of the questions..

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