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Into once turned into on the season was just about unconditional love there's no motive other than that your server and then we come out of some sense of professional shop I can ever be serviced you please let me know I will send you my contact information the only person on the Hudson River website because she like to join John Brubaker is a very good friend of mine he speaks volumes about your integrity character so well good morning let me know if I can be of service means connect sometime during the season want to run into Mumbai a dinner or something okay over not letting thank you so much bye bye that phone call also says a lot of turning to be operating at the highest level of your profession as he is in to make the time to call someone someone you don't know just to tell them how impressed you are behind them and how they their lives I think we could do that more in our lives I know that I can for our American stories and what a story I think that may be my favorite right up there with Ralph.

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