Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City, Nypd discussed on Bloomberg Wall Street Week


Up for grabs in tonight's Powerball jackpot. That's the latest diamonds to Taylor. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. As the FBI warns that agitators maybe ramping up efforts to attack government buildings over the next week, New York City officials are taking steps to keep the city safe. City Hall in Lower Manhattan, as well as other government buildings in New York City are seeing additional security. Federal supply of Corona virus vaccine being delivered to New York state is being cut down from 300,000 to 250,000 doses next week, Governor Andrew Cuomo couldn't say why. And, he says there's already a backlog of millions of New Yorkers who are now eligible be are now skip actually appointments through the distribution mechanism. 14 weeks in advance this as memorable, de Blasio said. New York City will run out of covert 19 vaccine in a matter of days. Governor Cuomo is commenting on Attorney General Letitia James is federal lawsuit against the NYPD over its response to Black lives matter Protests last summer. Governor calls the NYPD is actions troubling. Cuomo says he supports the attorney general's request that an outside monitor be appointed to oversee the NYPD, A Gambino captain and 10 members and associates of the organized crime family. Pleaded guilty to several crimes in Brooklyn Federal court this week. The defendant's admitting to charges including racketeering, conspiracy, fraud, obstruction of justice and tax evasion. Coca Cola says it won't run television commercials during this year's Super Bowl. Bloomberg's Courtney Don Ho has more the beverage giant pulling out of one of the biggest advertising events of the year. Coca Cola joins fellow soda maker Pepsi, which is reportedly planning to cut traditional ads to focus instead.

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