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Around at this point takes the sword up, brings it down on the left clavicle of this cultist in front of him and slices at K. through Kinda, Gins. Style and then there's another cross slash across the other clavicle of this guy just brings them to his knees in front of them still alive but just hanging on by a thread. Good role in Sir. Challenge you to what? Right it's cultists turn. So this cultist is moving here. Listeners at home one cold is advancing towards callans general direction. Sorry. Not used to doing this as a podcast and the other. Is wildly flailing about because someone moved out of turn. Sorry. Not Behind The ticking died he is going to be one in front of you. Who is going to take a couple of swings at? Dagger. A. Eleven hit you I'm assuming. Not. Eleven. Awesome. So he takes swings at you and you just kind of slapped his hand away. One that's in front of you. All know. Thank you. He points his hand out his hand begins to glow. I'd like you to make a dexterity save please and you could add the d. four because of the. that. That Gareth gave you. Welcome seventeen. that. Actually saves. So you watch his hand come up. And aim he aims his hand you a gold blast of light comes off zipping you move your head just in time for it to shoot past you. And kind of smack his hand away and that ends their turn. Gareth it is your turn. I I have extra attack and I do too javelin at the. The one that I'm going to. Move in front of. That one. Okay. Yeah. Go ahead and. Make your your to attacks with Jacqueline's. Throwing them down the street. So the first was an unmodified six and the other one was a seventeen. So my so it's a plus seven third task. Yes. That's what it says on your sheet. Javelin to seven. Thirteen and twenty four. And as I am throwing them I. AM audibly saying for people to hear. Mind sworn to valour hearts knowing only virtue played defending the helpless hand up holding the week out speaking on each route wrath doing the weekend and damage in. Those one six plus before. Why didn't add the plus for to the wolves but they hit anyway. So it's not plus for plus a defor. DEFOREST doesn't go to the damage. It's only for the attack roles, right? So six four for both of them. Correctly. To worth six. And five now. Minus fifteen out. So as this cultist is running down the street you see the dragon born a dragon born Paladin just step to the side and pulls out to javelin and just throw them in and impales him in in his gut area, and he just kind of lurches back a little bit as he's trying to hold it and. Trying to pull it out of his abdomen solid hit. You. Coward you are. Very good time I will death just slightly to my left that I see this man. Or woman I don't know. It's hard. Exactly. Equal Opportunity Coalpit. And I'm equally opportunity. Equal opportunity. Opportunistic. What. Exactly, shoot them with Venero. Equally. I'm going to shoot them with an Arrow, which is a thirteen again. So I suppose that hit what was the? Tax a thirteen to hit a thirteen headstart. That will be. Six points of damage though he takes an Arrow to his neck and he's like. He's just China. Sitting there trying to pull it out he's not dead but. He don't like life right now I can tell you that much I showed him one last time and hope. Hope for the best. That's the way of putting it. Say Fourteen. So I suppose that also hits that does hit eight points of damage. How is he feeling about life now? On a scale of. On a scale of one to thirty three, he's feeling about it. If you catch my drift I. Do I do catch your drift then I will take. Back, into the shadows yet again. He's bleeding something fierce I can tell you that much. Good. Good All right. I'm going to be rolling both at. Once here. One of those people because I'm well, here's the thing I'm going to try to cut up both of these cultist. In one below. Fourteen hit. Yes. and. Don't. A seventeen hit. Yes. Let's see. First Fella here it's going to take. Fifteen seventeen damage which one is this that takes damage. In damage. Okay. You cut out again I'm sorry which was taking the seventeen the one right in front of me. For seventy. All, right. Yeah. That's a deaf. Oh, hit. Hurt. And the other one fourteen damage. Okay. So I'm just trying to swing right through both of them as as everybody who is near is watching you watched the bugbear. With his acts. And he makes a whirlwind action with said acts. As a very, very quick it almost like he just spins around and watch the cultists just stand there for a second and then bolt their heads just of. Slide forward and tumble down in front of their chests, and then about half a second after that the bodies actually realize what happened in all you have cleft the heads from both of these bodies in one saw action..

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