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Carolina. ABC's Emily rows in Wilmington, North Carolina. Some parts of town have gotten the lights back on. You're seeing you know, if there's a waffle house open, or there's a CVS that opens up lines will form around the building as people venture out of their homes. They haven't been able to cook anything for days. Now haven't had a hot shower. So they're going out to get just essentials. And again, still not sure that this is over yet that we couldn't see more flooding. U S marines are in Jacksonville North Carolina's survey damage from Florence Norman Bryson's director of emergency services for Onslow county. So far what we're dealing with his probably the most catastrophic disaster that this county has seen in the last fifty or sixty years. And a new homeowner in North Carolina telling ABC news, he's evacuating after finding out a river right near his brand new home in Hartnett county scheduled to crush later today. This guy says he moved into his house about one hundred fifty yards from the Cape. Fear river, just two months ago. He says his neighborhood was supposed to be a no flood zone. He says some of his neighbors have already left in the set to travel to Raleigh later today. Joe by this today at three o'clock, look at it. I'm not liking what I'm seeing these areas not under mandatory evacuation orders. No word yet on whether Thursday's Senate judiciary committee vote on supreme court nominee. Brett Camerota will be postponed his confirmation process now complicated by a woman's new claim of sexual misconduct while they were teenagers. ABC's Terry Moran reports the woman went public yesterday. She alleges that about thirty five years ago. She was at a house party with four other people among them Brad Kavanagh, and that he and another young person they were all in highschool trapped her in a room that Cavanaugh held her down on a bed tried to force himself on her covered her mouth to muffle her screams while the other person in the room laughed maniacally. She says she was essentially rescued when a third young man, another high schooler burst into the room and pushed cavenaugh off of her on Capitol Hill, the top democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee is now calling to delay any action on Kavanagh's confirmation this week on Friday. Cavanaugh released a statement. And what she said he categorically and unequivocally denied the allegation urban Meyer suspension from the sidelines of the Ohio State buckeyes football games is now over in the coach has apologized for his actions in a national TV interview, Eric reassure has more on that coming up in sports. I two three meet-and-greet is being held tonight to allow the community to get to know one of the semifinalists for Columbus city schools superintendent job. She's Dr Theresa Dixon superintendent of Cleveland heights, university heights schools, and she'll be at independence high school from five to six thirty tonight similar meetings with the other two candidates will be held tomorrow and on Wednesday authorities in Cape Cod. Massachusetts say man died from a shark attacks. Twenty-six-year-old Arthur was swimming off the beach at wealth lead around noon when he was veteran he was pulled from the water and given first aid. But later died at a local hospital history could be made at tonight's Emmys. Here's ABC's Jason Nathanson. I'm gonna find you care about killing Yves St.. Dr Sandra Oh's, the first Asian American women nominated for best actress in a drama, and I'm and if she wins tonight, obviously that would be a first though, she's not the favourite that would be handmade stales Elisabeth moss, and it wouldn't be a historic win. But no black woman has won best. Actress in a comedy since the jeffersons Isabel Sanford and nineteen Eighty-one insecure each.

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