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Sure. But it rhymes with an it's to the tune of you know, green sleeves always doing elva. Funny thing because it's like, you know, there were always Jewish comics. God knows said like Marx brothers Benny burns Berle everybody. But the idea of someone just way you go that guy is a Jew like the others could have been anything. That's right. But it's like he came out, and it looked like some, you know, Jewish account owned it when Vicky cats, I really, yeah. Doing this doing it before he ever Mickey Katz was a clown. Yes. And Alan Sharon is a satirist. Although I Truman has one of my favorite singing voices like famously. He can't sing. It's great. But it's like a great. It's a great voice. But he he he he was doing something even Nichols. And may we're doing great funny stuff. And you knew if you're Jewish you know, that you know, that mother character is sort of but they weren't used. Zing or Jewish names. You know, he was just like. It was just as a maze. Ing American folk and British and European folk music, but we're now we're gonna take it, and we're gonna put Matsu balls in it. Yeah. And. Sheila. By zelda. She took body and ran Taylor took me years. Now, I'm listening to stuff at the age of ten I'm not even Jewish. So I don't get the the cultural reference. See that's the other thing. Belafonte the same who taught us who played that for us. Also, would we would all saying out of the fire sign book of folksongs, which was this kind of at the time kind of famous compendium of folk songs from around the world. So I know all these folk songs and some of them were the ones that Sherman took. So when I heard, you know, he was he was tramping through the warehouse where the drapes stored. Yes that was like. The best word play. I've ever heard great. So then again, there's a gold standard. He's a good writer too. Yeah. Because it's not easy to do that. I remember the songs on that album. No. It's not it's not easy. And and coming up with the idea of, you know. He aimed in any fired with his he he took careful aim with his trustee revolver that edited Edita I shot and he crumpled just like a piece Halbe. What you have to have firing to go there. I remember it little David SaaS kind. Please shut up. Please don't talk. Please talk me first. Then you talk. And that's that's not clever. Just perfect cadence of Jewish guy saying please shut up, you know, great. And the new said the cultural references to the time. I mean, Jackie Kennedy joke which just go over this Jackie Kennedy joke in my zone. How this no it's in downturn. As this one looks. It's it's address a that's it. See how this looks on me. Just like Jackie Kennedy and just your with the audience house. Go wild. Even like, and then you just expre- she ate, it's great comedies wrong with us that this is what you we were listening to when you were six, and I was. That's right in that time period was like they do the top five shown of the week. And they'd be like the Rolling Stones. And then they'd be Barbra Streisand. Fob Dylan and Frank Sinatra and in the in that would be Allan Sherman. Right. Sure. Sure. I think Ray Stevens doing doing a parody song or Umer song. I mean, I guess the first big Allan Sherman. Hit was Hello Mata Hella fodder. Yeah. Or maybe it was Sarah Jackman because there is there's a there's a story that that one they used to every now and then in the Kennedy in the in in Camelot, you know, you'd hear John Kennedy walking down the hall singing, Sarah Jackman now or something like that. How's your cousin Doris? She's with more feasible your Morris. He's nice to. If you have just to your listeners, just just go online, you got this thing, you got this computer now where you can just hear anything you want. Go to listen to Allan Sherman. It's it's the absolute some of the best stuff ever. And everyone agrees alley yankovic agrees talking about. Yeah. I mean, all of us who write funny songs. I mean, I write all kinds of songs, but funny songs are the hardest to right? That's that's one of the kings of it. And you do love play on words in your in your songwriting, which I which I appreciate thank you..

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