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Podcast. One production available on apple podcasts and podcast. One. What's going on fam-? Welcome back to another episode of the good life today. It's absolute chaos to be honest with you design and I are sitting here in our living room with boxes surrounding us because it's time our move is here, and we don't know where we're going, but we're going to tell you a story about how we are learning to trust God in this process. Plus coming up. We've got Viktoria Odeen never a better time to have on. She sharing about her book exceptional you seven ways to be a better you. It's going to be awesome. So stay tuned. Plus, we've got some really interesting stories for good news of the week by the way. Disclaimer, really quick, if you hear anything moving in the background, we have some people kind of doing some things on our house because we are moving now before we get to the episode. Of course, we want to share a little discount code with you guys from one of our partners, sun basket sun basket has been clutch for us this week because of course, everything has got to go or packing. Everything boxes babe, and I feel like every part of our life is. Just up in arms. And so the one thing that's really nice to have is a meal that's ready to go in our fridge. We're thinking about so many things in the season right now that the last thing we want to think about, is what we're going to have for dinner. So we're trying to empty out our frigerator, and you guys know some basket is a meal plan that we have tried for months. And now it's coming in handy foreshore as we're getting ready to move some basket is making our lives easier, because they are catering to our kind of healthy, you guys know they have meal plans, lead that.

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